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Bolivia Alasitas 1 kg

The best selling coffee of the last year. This caturra variety from the Alasitas farm was processed with a special method called Coco Natural. This well controlled way of drying is reflected in the wild and intense notes of strawberry jam, cacao nibs and red wine.

Bolivia Alasitas 1 kg

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Country Bolivia
Farm Alasitas
Varietal Arabica Caturra
Processing Coco Natural
Crop October 2020
Certification Relationship Coffee, Organic
Typ kávy Wholebean
Taste Strawberry jam, chocolate, red wine

Rodriguez family - pioneers of specialty coffee in Bolivia

This coffee comes from the Las Alasitas farm situated at the altitude of 1600 masl. The farm is run by the Rodriguez family. Their company Agricafe is trying to bring specialty coffee back to the country. They support a lot of farms around in order to replace coca farming. The Alasitas farm (which means "buy me" in the aboriginal language) is quite young. The family bought 20ha of land in 2014 in Caranavi region. Where they managed to build a processing station and a modern farm. They grow varieties of caturra, java and geisha.

Caturra Coco Natural

This caturra variety was processed with a special drying process called Coco Natural. The whole cherries are first put on African beds and dried in the direct sun for 5 days. After that they are placed in huge open containers and dried at 40C for 20 days. These containers are a very unique thing. The heat comes from large gas burners and cherries get rolled over regularly for achieving an even drying. The final flavour profile is then determined by the amount of cherries placed in the container and the frequency of rolling them over. We could see this method already in Brasil. That is no surprise as the Rodriguez family works very closely with Mr Flavio Borem, one of the biggest green coffee exporter in Brasil.

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