Costa Rica Macho

This microlot comes from a high altitude farm called Macho, owned by Efraín "Macho" Naranjo and his son Gelberth. Efrain, a small Costa Rican producer from Tarrazu region, grows his coffee trees all the way up to 2000 masl. The higher bean density translates into delicate acidity and very sweet notes of berries, toffee and peanut butter.

Costa Rica Macho

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Farm Finca Macho
Varietal Arabica Red Catuai
Processing Honey
Crop March 2020
Certification Relationship Coffee
Typ kávy Wholebean
Taste Berries, toffee, peanut butter
manufacturer doubleshot

Tradition and revolution

The Naranjo family has been growing coffee for more than 30 years. However, only 9 years ago, thanks to the so called micro-revolution (read more here), Efrain was able to build his own processing station in the village of Santa Rosa de León Cortés (map). He can now depulp his cherries by himself, ferment them in fermentation tanks and dry either on concrete patios or raised African beds.

Sweetness and acidity first

Our catuai microlot is processed using red honey method. It is one of the three lots we purchased from Efrain and Gelbert last year in March.

We have been buying coffee from Mr. Naranjo for more than 7 years now. We enjoy the delicate and well structured acidity as well as higher sweetness and tropical notes, which, in our opinion, are caused by higher elevation of the farm (i.e. increased density of the beans).

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