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Costa Rica Finca Šumava 1 kg

Honey processed lot from our favourite Czech-Costarican farm Šumava de Lourdes. Villa Sarchi variety has intensive notes of grapes, caramel and nougat.

Costa Rica Finca Šumava 1 kg

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Country Costa Rica
Varietal Arabica villa sarchi
Processing Red honey
Crop February 2022
Partnership Relationship Coffee
Taste Grapes, caramel, nougat

Finca Šumava de Lourdes

is an ambitious project which was put together by a famous Costa Rican coffee exporter Francisco Mena and a Czech investor. The farm is located about an hour from the capital in the region of Lourdes de Naranjo (map). The idea behind this project is to build a state-of-the-art farm, which will benefit from a huge coffee know-how and strong financial background.

Model and modern farm

Šumava is a model farm which uses modern technologies and new trends in ecologically sustainable farming. The farm uses eco-pulpers together with a retention field for discarded water, which is later used as a fertilizer for coffee plants.

Many different varieties

Šumava has also an exclusive access to the international bank of coffee seeds (CATIE). On the farm, you can spot several different cultivars being planted, e.g.: geisha, sl28, ethiopian heirloom and mix varieties, caturra, villa sarchi, mocca and many others.


All coffee is processed in a beautiful stainless steel mill, which is equipped by the so called "desmusilaginadoras", i.e. eco-pulpers. This lot was processed using the so called "red honey" method. The eco pulper is set in a way, that cherries go through with maximum mucilage intact. Therefore, the taste profile is little bit similar to natural coffees. Freshly picked cherries are rested in jute bags or stainless-steel tanks for 24-72 hours before pulping (so called reposado). Depulped cherries are transported to 1000 l plastic tanks where they stay for 14-24 hours soaked in cold water. Drying takes place first on African beds (5 days) and then on the concrete patios (14 days). The exact length depends on actual weather conditions.

Success in short time

Even though this is only the 8th production year under the new ownership, Finca Šumava has already won the prestigious Cup of Excellence in 2016.
We usually visit Finca Šumava in March to cup through the fresh crop. This year we purchased 6 microlots, including one geisha nanolot.

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