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Nicaragua Aurora 1 kg

One of a kind - naturally processed coffee from Aurora! This farm belongs to the Ferrufino family. Fresh and superfruity bomb with notes of yellow fruit, marzipan and honey.

Nicaragua Aurora 1 kg

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Country Nicaragua
Farm Aurora
Varietal Arabica Java
Processing Natural
Crop March 2021
Coffee type Whole bean

Family farm

Finca Aurora is situated near a town called Matagalpa at the altitude of 1350masl. Enrique Ferrufino, the owner, is the third generation farmer working on Aurora and he is succesfully raising the fourth generation as well. We got lucky enough to meet the whole family last year on our visit. As a progressive farmer, Enrique focuses on the biodiversity, organic and enviromentlly friendly farming.

Java variety

You cannot see Java in many places. Its quite unknow variety. It originates in Africa. And it was taken away to Holland in the beginning of the 19th century. It was brought to Latin America in the 90s. If grown well, it can resemble in taste a very well known geisha. Unlike geisha though, Java is more disease resistant such as to leaf rust or CBD (coffee berry disease). Notice how beautifully narrow the seeds are. You can find more details on World Coffee Research.

Natural process

This lot is naturally processed. The whole cherries are spread on African beds and dried for 10-14 days (weather dependent). This process gives the seeds strong fruity notes and heavy body.

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