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Tam Dem Espresso 1 kg

Our current Tam Dem espresso blend consists of three washed processed coffees. The first one is from Bolivian farmer Valentin Quispe. The second one comes Guatemalan farm La Folie. And last component of our blend comes from Gichathaini washing station in Nyeri region in Kenya. Expect intense sweet and fruity notes of brownies, blood orange and brown sugar.

Tam Dem Espresso 1 kg

1000 g Available
Your price (Incl. VAT)
970 Kč
Farm Bolivia Valentin Quispe, Guatemala La Folie, Kenya Gichathaini
Varietal Arabica: Caturra, SL 28 / SL34, Typica, Bourbon
Processing Washed
Crop March 2020
Certification Relationship Coffee
Taste Brownies, blood orange, brown sugar

How we create our blend?

When we create Tam Dem espresso blends, we always look for single origin coffees with distinguishable character, which would together make a true taste experience.

Our current Tam Dem consists of two fresh crop coffees:

  • Bolivia Valentin Quispe - 40%
  • Guatemala La Folie - 40%
  • Kenya Gichathaini - 20%

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