Tam Dem Espresso

Our current Tam Dem espresso blend consists of three coffees both fully washed and natural. The first one is from Bolivian farm El Fuerte, owned by Rodriguez family. The second one comes from Ivan and Rosé, small farmers in Caconde region in Brazil. The last component of our blend is a washed caturra variety from our long term partner in Colombia, the Imbachi family. Expect intense sweet and fruity notes of nutella, hazelnuts, and plums.

Tam Dem Espresso

350 g Available
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350 Kč
Farm Bolivia El Fuerte, Brazil Ivan and Rosé, Colombia Imbachi
Varietal Arabica: Caturra, Bourbon, Castillo
Processing Washed and natural
Crop Autumn 2020
Certification Direct Trade
Taste Nutella, hazelnuts, plums

How we create our blend?

When we create Tam Dem espresso blends, we always look for single origin coffees with distinguishable character, which would together make a true taste experience.

Our current Tam Dem consists of three coffees:

  • Bolivia El Fuerte - 33%

  • Brazil Ivan and Rosé - 33%

  • Colombia Imbachi - 33%

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