Limited Edition

Limited Edition

While all our coffees are of exceptional quality, from time to time we come across a true coffee gem. Such an exemplary microlot shows truly unique taste but is limited in quantity and usually commands very high price. Our offering brings you the best from Cup of Excellence auctions, exotic varietals such as Geisha or nanolots separated by farmers for their extraordinary cup character. We offer all Limited Edition coffees on a roast to order basis to preserve maximum freshness and ensure unforgettable experience. Here you will find past coffee offering from our Limited Edition.

  1. Alirio Muñoz

    Colombia Alirio Muñoz

    410.00 Kč

    Experimentální lot z farmy Aliria Muñoze hybridní odrůdy Castillo, zpracovaný mléčným kvašením v kontrolovaných podmínkách na farmě La Palma y El Tucan. Atypická aromatika a chuť jahod v jogurtu, perníku a cukrové třtiny dělá z této kávy opravdu netradiční záležitost.

    Velikost balení 350 g

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