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Colombia La Serrania Decaf 1 kg

This is our very first decaf offering that comes from 15 producers based in the region of southern Huila. The decaffeination process is carried out in DESCAFECOL factory using Ethyl Acetate derived from sugar cane. Final taste in the cup has notes of toast, vanilla, honey and cocoa. You will not be able to tell this is a decaf!

Colombia La Serrania Decaf 1 kg

1000 g Available
Your price (Incl. VAT)
1 116 Kč
Country Colombia
Farm La Serrania
Varietal Arabica Caturra
Processing Washed
Crop 2019
Taste decaf coffee

Gentle process

It took us few years to find a decaf that would taste good enough in comparison to our standard single origin offering. Using Ethyl Acetate derived from sugar cane in the decaffeination process is quite a new thing that arrived to Europe only last year. What is so interesting about it? In fact, it is the only process that influences the final flavours positively.

Enhanced fruitiness and sweetness

All Colombian coffees must be fully-washed by law in prior to export. Interestingly enough, our La Serraniahas fruity flavours and sweetness mostly associated with dry processed coffees. The reason is the type of solvent (EA from sugar cane dissolved in water) used to extract caffeine from the beans.

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