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We are doubleshot

A coffee roastery, four coffee shops, a training center, a pastry shop but first and foremost, a team of people who love the world of premium coffee. We have been living coffee since 2009, hand-picking it working with farmers around the world, roasting it at a location close to Prague and selling it to all who appreciate its freshness and flavor diversity.


Back in the days when the taste of premium coffee was considered to be a somewhat exotic phenomenon by café owners, half of our team went to learn the art of coffee roasting to one of the leading Canadian roasteries, the 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters. The other half decided to gain valuable experience working on coffee farms in Central America.


After over a year of planning, gathering information, contacts and experience form the best coffee farmers and roasters, somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean, on the way back home, our company – doubleshot – was designed.


We’re opening our first café – Můj šálek kávy (My Cup of Coffee) in Karlín. We took the place over from the original owners. Karlín is still far from an elite district at that time, but we are still determined to build a café based on premium coffee. It sounds funny, we know, but back then, it was far from a norm.

It was also there where our “tap for charity” started. From the get-go, we have been sending all the proceeds from tap water sale in our cafés to various non-profit organizations. Our menus always show to whose health you are drinking.


The fastest ever action. Within a few weeks, we design, build and launch operations of an espresso bar located directly in the Holešovice pick-up location of the e-shop. We were right in time for the Christmas peak season, amazed by the fact how much coffee is drunk during shopping. In fact, we are still amazed.


Opening the door of our training center, a.k.a. “the” school – a space full of coffee technology, where we teach coffee enthusiasts the art of making premium coffee at home or at cafés. All venues serving our coffee must undergo our training to ensure that you always drink doubleshot the way it’s meant to taste no matter where it’s served.


Lunching operations of our third café, located in Prague close to Hradčanská metro station, called Místo (the Place). This is the first venue we were able to design from start to finish so we finally have a place to fit all machines and technology we’ve always wanted, but never had the space to do it.

Cup of Cake, our online pastry shop, is launched as well, run by our pastry chef and our former chef Lana Libin Mayer, specialized in delivery of cakes you know from our cafés.

The same year, another dream of ours comes true. Our filter coffee is served by a Michelin star restaurant – Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise.


This year, you can enjoy at our cafés coffee brewed by a barista of the year. Our team-mate, Ondra Hurtík, becomes the absolute winner of the most prestigious coffee competition and still takes regular shifts with us. A true coffee star.


Winning a Slovak title, too. Lukáš Podbehlý becomes the 2017 Slovak barista of the year.


This season and this season only, you can get doubleshot in Manifesto, a street food experimental space not far from the Florence metro station.


Launching operations of a brand new and larger bakery. Lana, who pursues her own business project, is replaced by Vendula and her sweet script. Cup of Cake becomes Sladké (Sweet), offering desserts which are somewhat Czech and somewhat non-traditional. As before, they are both served in our cafés and delivered to your homes.

Our Coffee

You will find the doubleshot logo only on coffees that we ourselves enjoy drinking. At coffee farms in Central America and Africa, we select coffees with unique and distinctive flavor profiles. In the cup, we want to taste the terroir, variety, processing method and, above all, the philosophy of the producer. We simply love drinking it!

“Coffee must primarily be enjoyed. Only when we like its taste, we can focus on its story.”

Ricardo Calderon - Costa Rica Los Angeles
Graciano Cruz - Panama
Ben Carlson - Burundi
Producers and Crop Cycle

Through our coffee, we tell the story of farmers growing it respecting the environment. Farmers, who get paid a lot more for their coffee that if they were selling commodity coffee. We also tell the story of the land and climate that affect the taste of each and every harvest.

Day in Our Roastery


We roast coffee on our over 60-year-old Probat UG 22 roaster, making sure its natural flavors stand out as best as possible. You are thus able to taste ripe fruit, sweets or jasmine without having to tolerate bitterness, burnt aroma or earthiness.

"Roasting is a combination of feeling, experience and modern technology employed to create an ideal profile for a given coffee batch and then repeat it consistently."

Our goal is to get the most out of coffee. We want all the substances that carry the aroma and taste to dissolve perfectly in the water and create a sweet, fruity, fragrant and delicious drink that you will want to drink every day.