We are doubleshot

A coffee roastery, three coffee shops, a training centre, a pastry shop but first and foremost, a team of people who love the world of specialty coffee. We have been living coffee since 2009, selecting it from farmers around the world, roasting it at a location close to Prague and selling it to everyone who appreciates its freshness and flavour diversity.


Back in the days when specialty coffee was a largely unknown term in our country, half of the doubleshot team decided to move to Panama and discover the other side of the coffee trade. At the same time, the second half started working for a leading Canadian company of 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters.


After a full year of planning, meeting coffee farmers and learning from the best roasters, somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean, our company – doubleshot - was born on the way home.

Our Coffee

You will find the doubleshot logo only on coffees that we ourselves enjoy drinking. When the new crops are finished growing, we travel to Central America and Africa to select coffees with unique and distinctive flavour profiles. In the cup, we want to taste the terroir, variety, processing method and, above all, the philosophy of the producer. We simply love drinking it!

„Coffee is all about pleasure, after all. It is a drink that translates its origin and story into a cup full of amazing flavours.“

Ricardo Calderon - Costa Rica Los Angeles
Graciano Cruz - Panama
Long Miles Coffee - Burundi
Our Producers and Their Crop Cycle

From the very beginning, our ambition was to find producers with the same quality-driven and eco-friendly mindset and develop long-term relationships, beneficial for all of us. Our coffee tells these farmers’ story. A story of farmers who get paid a lot more for their efforts than if they grew commodity coffee and a story of the soil and weather conditions which determine the coffee flavour.

One Day in Our Roastery


We roast coffee on our beloved 1957 Probat UG 22 roaster. Every batch is a challenge to achieve the fabled perfect roast and translate all the inherent qualities of the green beans into the cup. Our coffees are and always will be sweet, fruity and clean.

„Roasting is a combination of art, experience and modern technologies, with the aim to create the perfect profile, hit the sweet spot of each individual coffee, and keep replicating it consistently.“

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with clean and sweet coffees rich in flavour. We want to ensure that all aroma and taste bearing substances create a sweet, fruity, fragrant and delicate drink when mixed with water. A cup of coffee that you will enjoy every sip of, again and again.

Enjoy and Cheers to You!