Buy 2 or more bags of coffee and get free shipping within the Czech Rep.

Order Our Coffee Catering Services

Few functions are complete without coffee. We will brew our coffee on site of any of your events to ensure your guests will not be in a hurry to leave.

For Dozens or Thousands of People

Our baristas will brew exceptional coffee even at your event. Be it a corporate training or a multi-day trade fair. The bigger and longer, the better. Because we love events where coffee flows.

Mobile Espresso and Drip Bar

Filtered coffee or espresso? The choice is yours. Just say the word. We can even handle both options at once. All to your liking.

Professional Baristas

Perhaps you’ve already encountered them in Šálek, Místo or Alza. Now, they can serve coffee at your event. Trained baristas will brew your coffee in the quality you know from our cafés.

Company Logo

At large corporate events, you may want to place your company logo on the coffee cups or, perhaps, on the coffee stand. Not a problem! If you let us know sufficiently in advance, we will be happy to have it made and use it instead of our company logo for your guests to see.


What are the smallest and largest events you can handle?
Coffee catering is suitable for events of as little as dozens of people and a few hours in length, such as weddings, corporate trainings and the like. On the other hand, in the past we catered, for example, Webexpo, where 50kg of coffee was drunk in three days. And we really enjoyed it.
How far in advance should the catering be booked?
It always depends on our free capacity. If we can, we are happy to work even on a few days’ notice, but it is not always possible. If you do not require your own branding, it is ideal to send an inquiry about a few weeks in advance. Printing and preparing materials with your logo requires a longer preparation time, about 2-3 weeks.
What will you need on site?
For smaller events, we only need access to a power supply. For larger and longer events, we need access to drinking water and basic facilities for baristas (a toilet, alternatively a cloakroom). We also need a flat surface to place our stand or table.
Which coffee do you use?
Naturally, ours. However, customers can choose from our offer which types they want to offer to their guests. We always have a choice of two espresso blends, several single blend beans for filtered coffee and one decaffeinated coffee.
How are coffee catering payments handled?
Our stands are equipped with a cash register, so guests can pay the agreed price for their coffee on the spot. Alternatively, it is possible to choose a variant where guests enjoy free coffee at the event and we charge you based on actual consumption after the event.