We would like to invite you to stop by one of our Prague based coffee shops Můj šálek kávy, Místo and Espresso bar at Alza.cz. If you want to enjoy doubleshot coffee elsewhere around the country, check out our interactive map. In Prague, we run a coffee training center open for public, as well as an online pastry shop and bakery.

Můj šálek kávy

Křižíkova 105, Praha 8
Mo-Sa: 9AM - 9PM, Su: 10AM-6PM

Espresso Bar at Alza.cz

Hala č. 8 Holešovické tržnice
Mo - Su: 8-20


Bubenečská 12, Praha 6
Mo-Sa: 9AM - 9PM, Su: 10AM - 6PM


Křižíkova 105

Where else can you enjoy doubleshot coffee?

Are you missing your coffee shop? Contact us and we will fix it right away.