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How do I find out about the status of my order?
If you have your own account in the e-shop you can see the current state of your last order after login and at the same time you will also be notified by e-mail any time there is a change in the status of your order.
If you made your order through the e-shop as a guest, or by phone, you will always receive an e-mail notification when the status of your order changes.
Can I pick up my order in person?
Sure. However, we would like to ask you to strictly follow our roastery opening hours. If possible, contact us by phone (+420 314 004 550) prior to arriving.
WHEN: in working days from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
WHERE: Dehtáry 37, Zeleneč v Čechách, 250 91.
Notice: Your order can be picked up in person if you selected cash payment, card payment, or payment through PayPal. In case of a money transfer, your order will be ready for pick up only after we receive confirmation of the receipt of the payment to the seller’s account.
Do you ship abroad?
Sure we do. Currently we are using DHL International and UPS. Postage will be charged according to current price lists of our shippers. You may see the shipping fee once you add products to your cart and go to checkout.
Can I change or cancel my order?
Changes in the order or its cancellation can be made until this order is considered completed, i.e. when it has been dispatched or picked up in person. If this is the case, you can change or cancel your order in the following way:
by e-mail to
by phone +420 314 004 550
after login to your client account.
If the total price of your order becomes lower due to cancellation or change and the amount has already been paid by you, we will contact you to agree on the way of returning the money.
In case you would like to change or cancel your order after it has been dispatched and less than 14 days have elapsed after you had received the goods, please follow the Terms and Conditions, Article VI: Rescission of Contract. Change or cancellation of your order after the expiration of this period would be possible only after mutual agreement.
How do I know my order has been dispatched?
When your order is dispatched you will be immediately notified by e-mail to the e-mail address which you specified when making your order.
Can I track my order online?
Yes. Our shippers Czech Post and PPL offer the service Track&Trace, which enables you to follow your order online. Together with the e-mail notification that your order has been dispatched we will also send you your package tracking number, which you can use to follow your order on the following websites:
Czech Post tracking service is available here.
PPL tracking service is available here.
What should I do if I want to change some details on the invoice?
Contact us by e-mail ( or phone (+420 314 004 550). We will gladly accommodate your request.
I lost the invoice. Can you send me a copy?
Sure. Contact us by e-mail ( or phone (+420 314 004 550) and we will arrange to send a copy of the invoice.
Can I return the goods if I am not satisfied?
In accordance with Article 53 of the Civil Code n. 40/1964 Coll. under certain conditions you have the right to return the goods within the period of 14 days after you received them without stating your reason for returning them. If this time period is still effective and you insist on returning the goods, please follow the Terms and Conditions, Rescission of Contract.


What should I do if I want to claim the goods?
If you wish to claim the goods, please see our Claims policy and follow the instructions.
What needs to be included in the package with claimed goods?
The package must contain the goods for which you are making the claim, a copy of the proof of purchase, a detailed description of the problem, and your contact details.
Where can I follow the status of my claim?
If you have a client account in the e-shop, you can follow the status of your claim after login. If you do not have an account, contact us by e-mail ( or phone (+420 314 004 550). We will be happy to inform you about the status of your claim.
How long does it take to settle a claim?
Naturally we will make every effort to handle your claim as soon as possible, but legally we are granted a period of 30 days after a claim has been lodged to settle it.


I forgot the password to my account. What should I do?
On the login page, click on Forgot your password? link. The system will automatically send you an email with a link to reset your password.
Can I change my personal details?
Sure. After login to your account you can change your personal data as needed. You will be notified by e-mail whenever a change is made.
Can I get the goods delivered to a different address?
Yes. When placing an order, you will be asked to enter your invoicing address and your mailing address, which can be different.


Why don’t you sell ground coffee?
There are several reasons why we don’t offer ground coffee. Our aim is to provide the freshest product possible. Freshly roasted coffee beans packed in bags with a one-way valve usually keep the ideal quality for only one month as the maximum. Ground coffee, due to fast oxidation, can keep its flavour and aroma only for several days.
The other reason is that there are many various ways of preparation, and thus also several different methods for grinding coffee, depending on the type of the espresso machine or personal preferences for taste. Our company philosophy is to offer coffee in uncompromising quality. However, without a suitable coffee grinder, this effort at providing the absolute taste experience will always be vain. For this reason, we decided to rather offer high-quality grinders for the lowest prices possible, and to offer coffee beans only.
You can learn more in a short article on our blog.
Where can I buy your coffee?
You are in the right place! In our e-shop you will find the freshest coffee which will be delivered to your home in just a few days. The ordering process takes less than 5 minutes. In case of card payment, PayPal service or cash on delivery we will prepare your order immediately.
If you do not wish to order repeatedly, leave this to us and register as a member of the Coffee Subscribers’ Club.
We also sell coffee and most of the accessories in our Prague coffee shops. You may find our coffee bags in many coffee shops around Europe. Make sure to check our virtual map of all of our wholesale customers.
In what amounts do you sell coffee?
For retail customers we offer all our coffees only in 350 g packages. Based on our experience we chose this amount to be the best for consuming the coffee within 2-3 weeks.
For wholesalers it is possible to purchase coffee in 350 g and 2,5 kg packages.
How do you guarantee coffee freshness?
You will find only fresh harvests in our e-shop’s offer. A precise date of the harvest is written in the description of all coffees. Usually, after drying the coffee beans are left to rest (so-called “reposo”) for the period of three months in their country of origin. Most of our coffees are shipped in vacuum-packed bags, which perfectly protect them from contamination and oxidation. In case of coffees in traditional jute bags we repack them into plastic bags immediately after we receive them. Only then we can guarantee that even after half a year the coffee will still taste perfect.
We pack roasted coffee into bags equipped with a one-way valve. We use the method of rinsing the packets with an inert gas (nitrogen), which can expel up to 99,5% of oxygen and thus prevent oxidation of the beans.
We imprint the precise date on each bag so that our customers know when the coffee was roasted.
What is your Direct Trade program about?
All our "Direct Trade" coffees come from producers with whom we have been cooperating for many years. We purchase from and visit these key business partners (and friends) every year, mostly after the end of their crop. You will find more information about our producers on the Producers and Crop Cycle page.
Buying high quality specialty coffee is a no-brainer these days. There are several importers who offer traceable microlots of incredible quality from small producers from all over the world. Our green bean buying strategy is based on the principle that we buy every single year from the same producers who share our values and approach to quality. We want to be sure that these business partners treat their farms right, pay fair wages to their workers, manage their waste water, do not promote deforstation etc. What we offer is increasing volumes purchased every year for premium prices (3-4x more than "C" market price), together with promoting the producers in the same manner as if they were wine makers.
Read more about our green bean buying here.
What method for brewing coffee at home do you recommend?
We are strong advocates of simplicity of coffee preparation. You do not need lots of money for automatic coffee-makers and grinders in order to enjoy our coffee at its very best. On the contrary, in most cases you can do with a quality manual or electric grinder and a simple French Press, Chemex or a filter, such as Hario V60 or Clever. You can get a set like this from 1500 CZK, and the experience of taste itself will definitely surpass even the best cafés in the Czech Republic.
How should I store coffee?
Always store coffee in a dry and cool place. If you store your coffee in a fridge, always transfer it to an air-tight container so that it does not absorb odours from other food. We do not recommend freezing the coffee.
Always try to consume the packet within 2-4 weeks as the maximum.
Why don’t you offer “Fair Trade” coffee?
Simply said, Fair Trade certified coffees are not for us. Our main criterium while choosing coffee is a flavour quality. This is directly linked to the purchasing price. If one coffee cups at 88 points, it will be much more expensive than a different coffee (perhaps from the same farm), which was scored 82 points. For Fair Trade certified coffees the cup quality is not very relevant. Our minimum coffee price we pay is still multiple times higher than FT certified coffees.
Yet we do not state that FT does not have its value for certain markets and companies. For many big coops in developing countries it is a possibility to earn premiums for complying with the Fair Trade standards.
If you are interested in Fair Trade issues, we recommend the book by Daniel Jaffee „Brewing Justice“ from 2007.
What is the difference between your coffee and the coffee I normally buy in shops?
Coffee which is sold in shops is usually offered under attractive names, which however do not tell you anything about its quality. In most cases these are non-specific blends, which have been mixed in order to create a product of consistent and neutral taste. In the huge volumes exceeding hundreds of thousands of tons per year and the very low redemption prices it is not really possible to acquire high quality coffee.
Although recently many companies began to follow the model of wine-makers and strive for a greater transparency of their coffees’ origin, only rarely can they get beyond the name of the coffee-growing region. In better cases, the market is oversaturated with blends like Costa Rica Tarrazu, Brazil Santos, Colombia Supremo, or, in worse cases, with “100% Arabica from the plateaus of South America.” These coffees are purchased on the commodity market for prices which only slightly exceed the costs for their production. The quality of the picking is usually disastrous and thus the resulting taste is likewise dull and mediocre.
You will be able to tell the difference immediately just from the aroma itself. In coffees which are normally available, you will smell the typical “coffee flavour,” often accompanied by a biting sensation and frowstiness, caused by the long time which has elapsed from roasting. If you compare coffees from different countries, the differences in taste will be minimal. Weak and watery body, low or “zero” acidity, unpleasant and palate-irritating aftertaste. After cooling down this coffee is usually boring, plain, and indistinct. Rather than a culinary experience, above all it is a source of caffeine. In extreme cases, when there was some significant problem with processing (excessive fermentation) or overroasting (burnt coffee beans), you cannot do without milk and sugar.
On the other hand, you will be able to tell all our coffees immediately just by their aroma. Coffees processed by a dry method are for example distinguished by their distinct aroma of strawberries and forest berries. The pacamara variety will often surprise you with a combination of floral and citrus notes, together with flavours of exotic fruits like pineapple, lychee or mango. And this is just the beginning! Try comparing coffees from one farm processed by two different methods, or two different coffee varieties like pacamara and catuai. Only then you will see the true taste potential and enter the world of top-quality choice coffee.
I am a café/restaurant owner. Where can I learn more about cooperating with you?
If you take your coffee program seriously and you are interested in a change, we are ready to assist you in any way we can. Not only will we provide professional services and complete customer care, but above all you will gain access to a unique product on our market, whose taste speaks for itself.
We are ready to build long-term business and friendly relations with owners of cafés, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments, for whom coffee is something more than an easy source of income. In exchange for your trust we will be happy to provide you with access to years of experience of our team and advise how to excel through coffee and boost the overall image of your establishment.
If you are interested in more detailed information do not hesitate to contact us.
If you are already registered wholesale customer, please continue to our wholesale section.