Turn your office into the best café in the area.

You can also enjoy delightful coffee at work. We supply offices with our coffee including all the necessary equipment at wholesale bargain prices.

Enjoy high quality at work.

With the Doubleshot office coffee program, you can have premium coffee in the workplace. Whenever you need a refill, you will receive freshly roasted premium coffee from a different coffee region in a quality guaranteed by Doubleshot.

Premium at the Price of Regular

Thanks to the wholesale prices and special packaging, you can get Doubleshot premium coffee from as little as CZK 3.00 per a cup of espresso (CZK417 / 1kg of coffee beans).

Full Service

If you need, we will equip your office with coffee machines, grinders, filters .... with the majority offered at wholesale prices. We will help you choose one that can handle office operations and will suit the size and wishes of your colleagues. We will be happy to prepare a price offer. Just fill in the registration form.

Let’s Never Run out

KWe will send you the coffee no later than three days after ordering with no extra delivery charge. Do you want a sample to try? No problem, we will be happy to send one to convince you!


What is the minimum amount of coffee I need to buy for the office?

The minimum order is a 2.5kg coffee pack. Free shipping applies to purchases over CZK2,000.

We have a super automatic coffee machine. Is your coffee suitable for this kind of machine?

Yes, it is. We always roast our office-supplied coffee in a way to allow the super automatic coffee machine use.

How can we order coffee for the office?

Just fill in the inquiry form and tell us more about your office. We will agree with you on the details (the equipment you need, the time of delivery, etc.) and we will create a customer account for you. After that, you will be able to place online orders.

We have capsule machines. Do you offer capsules for offices, too?

Unfortunately, we do not. But don't you want to add, for example, a simple drip coffee maker in your inventory? That we offer and can promise you that the coffee it makes is great!

Where can I find a price list of your coffee and accessories?

We will make the price list available to you as soon as you fill in our short registration form.

What are the choices of coffee?

There is one blend called Prober on the menu. We change its composition regularly according to the coffees currently on stock at our roastery. Coffee is harvested in different regions of the world in different months. Thus, you can look forward to tasting many premium coffee blends from many countries throughout the year. We always roast the blend to be suitable for both filtration methods and super automatic coffee machines.

Would you like to discuss coffee in the office?

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