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We are a Prague-based specialty coffee roastery

with an established Direct Trade program and seasonal coffee offers. Our current offer includes single origin coffees from Šumava, Los Lajones, Segera or our seasonal espresso blend Tam Dem.
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Costa Rica Finca Šumava
Espresso & Capsules
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Grapes, caramel, nougat

Costa Rica Finca Šumava

345 Kč

Coffee Subscription

Freshly roasted coffee delivered straight to your door
Redcurrant, spices, orange / Plums, sugar cane, lemongrass

Christmas Coffee Set

650 Kč
Panama Emporium Pacamara
Limited edition of pacamara variety from Graciano Cruz
Taste the limit

Dominant and straightforward coffee that does not pretend anything and demonstrates all qualities immediately after grinding. The aromatics and flavour notes of tropical fruits, herbs and spices are so intense that you will question the origin of the beverage. Heavy juicy body, together with berry aftertaste create an unforgettable flavor experience for special occasions.

400 Kč
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milk chocolate, hazelnuts, caramel

Start Capsules

160 Kč
Mon Cheri, cocoa nibs, pineapple

Funky Capsules

190 Kč
decaf coffee

Decaf Capsules

160 Kč

Espro Bloom Pour Over

950 Kč

Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle

4 200 Kč
White | Black

Morning Coffee Machine

11 900 Kč
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Serve Doubleshot

Serve Doubleshot

Would you like to serve “Carlos” to your customers? Treat them to a juicy Tam Dem expresso? We will be happy to supply our coffee to cafés treating it with the same care we do. We will help equip your café and train your staff to ensure the coffee tastes exactly the same as in our cafés.

Office Program

Office Program

It’s not just a source of caffeine. You can look forward to a cup of great coffee even at the workplace. For the price of ordinary coffee blends, we can supply you with premium coffee beans for super automatic coffee machines or filtration methods - all the way to the worktable and even help with coffee equipment.

Since 2010, Doubleshot has been buying the best harvests straight from the hands of avid farmers.

We personally pick coffee on farms in countries in Latin America and Africa and roast it just outside Prague to delight anyone looking for varied flavors and freshness in coffee. Coffee is a fruit and we want it known in every cup.

Our Story


Nothing has been left out of our coffee sets to prevent the gift recipient from enjoying premium coffee at home. Gift wrapping is a matter of course! Coffee subscription is our absolutely most popular gift. However, if you prefer experiences rather than material things, we offer gift certificates for public coffee courses.

Training Center

Training Center

In our own coffee school, we will teach professionals, amateurs and the general public the secrets of preparing top notch coffee and even coffee cocktails. Most importantly, we will convince everyone that coffee is not just a drink, but fun.