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Day in Our Roastery

The roastery is the heart of our business. If you want to learn more about its rhythm and how it beats, feel free to join us for a short virtual tour of our production.

Good morning!

We roast coffee on our 1957 built Probat UG 22. Do not be fooled by its age though. These German workhorses were built to last forever. The amount of cast iron used is unparalleled to modern roasters. It’s been with us since the beginning and we wouldn’t change it for the world!

7 AM

Our roasting team starts the shift at 7 AM and calls it a day when all orders received from our customers the previous day are finished. We always roast to order, so every single roasted bean leaves the roastery the very day.

8 AM

Our roasters charge their first batch. We use 15-18 kg of green coffee which is roasted in 10-12 minutes. Each coffee has its own roast profile, i.e. it is roasted at specific temperature/time conditions. This "recipe" is unique and impossible to replicate on other machines. You can roast the very same coffee on various machines and achieve completely different flavour profiles.

8:15 AM

Once the coffee is dropped into the cooling tray, it is cooled down with air as fast as possible in order to stop the chemical reactions caused by thermal energy in the drum. Photos from roasteries, most often show roasted coffee beans spinning in the cooling tray.

9 AM

We are roasting a batch after batch until all orders are finished and ready for packaging. Sometimes we manage to finish by lunch, more often the roasting machine does not stop until late evening.

11 AM

Meanwhile, the rest of the team in the roastery is taking care of the so-called cuppings, carefully tasting and scoring every single batch from the previous production day. Each day, we taste 40+ coffee samples. It is always fun to compare our production roasts with the flavours we enjoyed at the farms few months ago.

3 PM

If everything goes well, this is the time to start packaging all coffees we have tasted and ensured its top quality into 350g or 2,500g bags. All orders are finalized and ready for dispatch to our customers.

Each bag is labelled with the date of roast so that you know how fresh it is and by when to use the coffee. For espresso, we highly recommend waiting a few days prior to opening the bags. Rested coffees tend to be more balanced, complex and sweeter.

We roast our coffees and organise shipments to customers around Europe from our facility on Prague outskirts every working day. In most cases, you will receive your order within 24 hours. Our goal is to hit the "sweet spot" every single time we roast a batch of coffee so you can really taste its qualities in the cup. We can guarantee that our coffees are and always will be from fresh crops, freshly roasted, sweet, clean and fruity. We will always offer a piece of advice on how to achieve this. We hope you will enjoy them!

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