Aeropress might look a bit weird but in reality it is an extremely practical brewing device produced by the American toy company Aerobie. Within a short period of time, Aeropress became world famous and is commonly used by many coffee aficionados.


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890 Kč
Manufacturer Aerobie (USA)
Material Plast
Volume 250 ml

Light and Indestructible

In 2005, Alan Adler invented a simple apparatus, which brews extremely clean and delicious cup of coffee almost anywhere you go.

Made from polycarbonate, Aeropress is practically indestructible, light, easy to clean and fairly cheap.

Although the manufacturer proclaims the ability of Aeropress to prepare espresso, obviously this is not true. The pressure used to push down coffee through paper filter is much lower than 9 bars needed to prepare traditional espresso.

In case you fall in love with your Aeropress, we recommend to attend the next World Aeropress Championship.

Packaging includes:

  • Aeropress
  • 100 paper microfilters
  • Scoop and stirrer

Even Lighter Version for Your Travels:

Aeropress Go
Aeropress Go
890 Kč

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Hario Mini Mill Slim Plus
Hario Mini Mill Slim Plus
630 Kč

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