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Costa Rica Don Cayito

Highest elevation farm of Calderón family, well-known Costarican specialty coffee farmers. White honey processed microlot of red catuaí variety has sweet notes of citrus, toffee, and peanut butter in the cup. Simple, yet very enjoyable coffee.

Costa Rica Don Cayito

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Country Costa Rica
Farm Don Cayito - Los Angeles
Varietal Arabica Red Catuai
Processing Honey
Crop March 2020
Partnership Káva z rukou farmáře
Taste Citrus, toffee, peanut butter

Successful family farm

Don Cayito farm is located in 2100 masl in the famous Tarrazu region (map). Ricardo Calderón has been growing coffee here since 1978. In 2009, during the micromill revolution, he built his own beneficio called Los Angeles and begun processing his own coffees. In the year 2011, he won the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition.

Currently, the Calderón family owns 15 farms. Ricardo´s two sons (Majkl and Diego) and two daughters (Liseth and Fernanda) help with all aspects of coffee farming. Their highest elevation farm Don Cayito is managed by Diego.

Most of the coffee cherries are processed using Colombian Penagos eco-pulpers. Drying is either on traditional concrete patios or African beds. Parchment is usually stored in huge jumbo bags.

Red Catuaí

Our lot was picked from red catuaí trees last March. It was processed using white honey method. During this processing, the eco-pulper is set to remove most of the mucilage from the beans. Parchment looks almost as if fully washed. In the cup, expect high sweetness with notes of toffee, peanut butter and dark fruits.

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