Ethiopia Banko Michicha

This fully washed microlot comes from Banko Michicha washing station, which is situated in the western part of Guji. You can expect the classic Guji profile with lots of fruity notes (peach, berries), floral aromatics and chocolate aftertaste.

Ethiopia Banko Michicha

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Country Ethiopia
Farm Banko Michicha
Varietal Arabica Ethiopian Heirloom
Processing Washed
Crop January 2020
Coffee type Whole bean

Banko Michicha washing station is owned by Mr. Tariku Edma, who comes from a well-known coffee family. The wet-mill was founded in 2009 and is situated in the elevation of 2000 masl in the western part of Guji. Mr. Edma buys cherries from approx 1300 smallholders from the surrounding villages. Total production of the station is 10 containers of green coffee. Crop starts usually in December and lasts until February.


Freshly picked and delivered cherries are fermented for approx. 36 hours in concrete fermentation tanks. What follows is manual rinsing, which removes the mucilage residues from the beans. Clean beans in parchment are than transported to the raised African beds where they dry for 7-14 days depending on weather.

Taste profile

Banko Michicha has a classic washed Guji profile - lots of fruit (peaches), thick mouthfeel and long milk chocolate aftertaste.

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