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Ethiopia Harbegona Espresso

The second Ethiopian coffee from our dear friend Heleanna Georgalis this season! This floral and fruity juice bomb is a classic washed Ethiopian coffee from the region of Sidamo with floral aromatics and notes of peach and honey. We roast this coffee primarily for espresso.

Ethiopia Harbegona Espresso

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Country Ethiopia
Farm Harbegona, Sidamo
Varietal Arabica Ethiopian Heirloom
Processing Washed
Crop January 2021
Typ kávy Whole Bean
Taste Floral, peach, honey

Classic Sidamo

This coffee was grown by small farmers around a village of Harbegona on the volcanic slopes, in the region of Bensa. It was fully washed at a station with the same name - Segera. The little farms with just a few hectares of land, where this delightful coffee comes from, are located at 1,500-2000m above the sea level. Thanks to the high altitude this coffee gets lovely citrus acidity of bergamot. Its a blend of several variaties typical for its lightness and floral aroma.

Fully washed Process

This lot was picked and fully washed under the supervision of talented and very epxerienced managers of the Moplaco company which belongs to our lovely friend Heleanna Georgalis. You could have met her on her visit in Prague a few years ago. The beans were first fermented and washed and then dried on traiditional African beds. Slow drying and good air flow are crucial for longevity of the green beans and preserving of great flavours.

Lets talk about Ethiopian coffee

Heleanna Georgalis

As a child, Heleanna and her paretns were forced to move back from Ethiopia to Greece becuase of the communist revolution. Later in her life she studied and worked in the field of finance. She finally returned back to Ethiopia after her dad passed away. Where she took over Moplaca.

We have been working with Heleanna over 10 years now. Every single year we get truly excited to fly to Addis Abeba, where is Moplaco situated, to taste and pick the best coffees.

Coffee gets delivered to this dry mill in bags still covered with silver skin. Here the silver skin is removed and beans sorted before they get sent to us, The beans are sorted not only by a machine but also by hand. The best lots go on big tables where they get sorted and the defects removed. The workers take their time to do this job properly and all by hand.

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Demitasse cup by Goat Cup
Demitasse cup by Goat Cup
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Recommended Recipe

Dose: 18-19 g
Temperature: 93,5 °C
Coffee Yield: 45-50 g
Extraction time: 28-35 sec

(Tested on KVDW Speedster using VST 18 g baskets)

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