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Ethiopia Uraga Espresso

Floral and bright Ethiopian coffee from Uraga Washing Station roasted primarily for brewing single origin espresso. Typical floral aromatics is complemented by notes of honeydew and mango in flavour.

Ethiopia Uraga Espresso

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Country Ethiopia
Farm Uraga Taba
Varietal Arabica Ethiopian Heirloom
Processing Washed
Crop January 2020
Coffee type Whole Bean

Private washing station

This lot comes from a privately owned Uraga Washing Station, which is located in Uraga woreda in Guji. This washing station was build in 2010 and it's owned by Zelalem Alemu. Cherries were bought from many smallholders who live nearby. Processing of coffee is under control of Mr. Melkisa.

Washed processing

Freshly picked cherries are depulped in disc pulpers. Then they are fermented for 72 hours and soaked for 6 hours before being spread on African beds to dry. The drying phase lasts usually around 10 days, depending on weather conditions.

Bright coffee roasted primary for espresso

This lot is highly aromatic and sweet. We find notes of honeydew and mango, together with creamy mouthfeel.

Recommended preparation

    Dose: 9 g (single), 18 g (double)
    Temperature: 93,5°C
    Shot Weight: 20 g (single), 40 g (double)
    Extraction Time: 28-30 sec
    Brewing Ratio: 45 %

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