Hario Skerton Plus

Would you like to try some of our single origin coffees but don´t have a coffee grinder at home? Well, buy one now! It will be the single best decision in your new coffee life.

Hario Skerton Plus

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870 Kč
EAN 4977642707733
Manufacturer Hario (Japonsko)
Material Sklo
Color Černá
Mlecí kameny ceramic

Updated version of the popular hand grinder from Hario

The Japanese made hand grinder Hario Skerton Plus is equipped with an updated mechanism which keeps the axis and lower ceramic burr in place and secures a perfect particle distribution while grinding. Owing to its ergonomic design, grinding coffee is easy and fast. Within one minute, you can effortlessly grind approx. 30 grams of coffee, which is more than enough for 400 ml of coffee prepared in Clever Dripper, Hario V60 or Chemex.

Adjusting grind size is done through rotating a nut placed on the bottom of the grinding mechanism. Hario Skerton Plus is an ideal home grinder for every coffee aficionado who doesn´t want to spend substantial amounts of money on electrical grinders and doesn´t need to prepare espresso.

Have a look at our picture of different grind settings for various brewing methods:

Hario Digital Scale for Precise Brewing:

Hario V60 digital scale with timer
Hario V60 digital scale with timer
1 450 Kč

Electric Grinders for Filter Coffee:

Baratza Encore
Baratza Encore
3 980 Kč
Baratza Virtuoso+
Baratza Virtuoso+
5 700 Kč

Download the Manual for Hario Skerton Plus

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