Honduras Edwin Pineda 1 kg

Fully washed pacas variety from our long-term partner Edwin Pineda who runs his farm in the region of Santa Barbara. We have been buying Edwin´s entire crop for the last 9 years and really love the unique flavour profile (cocoa, caramel, figs) of his coffee.

Honduras Edwin Pineda 1 kg

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Country Honduras
Farm El Pozo
Varietal Arabica Pacas
Processing Washed
Crop March-July 2023
Partnership 9 years
Coffee type Whole bean
Manufacturer doubleshot

For a long time Honduras was an unknown territory for us. The largest coffee producing country in Central America has been focusing mainly on commodity coffee. Over the last few years, also with the help of producers and exporters from Santa Barbara, the situation has changed significantly. We purchased our first Honduran coffee in the year 2015. From the very beginning, we decided to focus and buy from a single producer, Mr. Edwin Pineda and his family.

El Pozo

During our last visit Edwin showed us his farm "El Pozo" and beautiful new African beds for drying coffee. One of the hot topics in Santa Barbara are shaded beds, since the sun is really strong and producers can easily dry parchment under 5 days. We strongly suggested and encouraged Edwin to shade his beds in order to slow down the drying phase (ideal time is around 15 days) and thus prolong the shelf life of green beans. We are really looking forward to see how his coffee ages this year, in comparison to the previous years.

About Coffee

Edwin is growing only pacas, which is the most common variety in the region. He washes the cherries using manual pulper and ferments in small concrete fermentation tanks. His crop is unusually long. It starts in March and goes all the way to July. Same as last year, we managed to purchase Edwin´s entire crop.
You can find more information about coffee seasonality and the way we buy coffee in a separate section called Producers and Crop Cycle.

Edwin´s coffee has a pleasant sweetness with notes of cocoa, caramel and figs. It works really well on most brewing methods.

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