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Panama Finca Hartmann Geisha

Fun is the highlight of our offering. These are the best coffees that farmers produce on their farms.. This geisha from the Hartmann family has just landed in Prague and you have the opportunity to taste the fresh harvest. Taste-wise, this is a typical fruity and elegant Geisha profile.

Panama Finca Hartmann Geisha

150 g Available
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600 Kč
Country Panama
Farm Finca Hartmann
Varietal Arabica Geisha
Processing Washed
Crop January 2024
Partnership since 2010
Flavour Fruity & Elegant

Fun - the bets of the best

Fun is the pinnacle of our offering. These are the best coffees that farmers produce on their farms, featuring exclusive varieties or experimental processes. Flavor-wise, they offer unique experiences for an extraordinary taste journey. Fun are the coffees that simply delight.

Panamanian geisha is among the most highly desired coffees. Since the beginning of doubleshot, we have been purchasing from the successful Hartmann family, who have Czech roots. The washed processing highlights the characteristic profile of the geisha variety. This one is from this year's spring harvest, and we are roasting it as the first coffee from the container that arrived in Prague in July.

Fun is best enjoyed as filtered coffee, where the flavor profile of the coffee fully unfolds.

Hartmann's Farm

Finca Hartmann is situated in the heart of Santa Clara (map) region, right on the Costa Rican-Panama border. The farm is partially surrounded by the international park La Amistad and thus serves as a natural sanctuary for more than 300 different bird species.

Filter Coffee Family

Flirt - Farm - Fun
Flirt is our basic blend for filter coffee. It is sweet and creamy. Farm is a seasonal specialty coffee from responsible farmers. With respect for nature, without compromises, with maximum flavor. Fun are gems among our coffees. Rare coffees for a unique taste experience.

Coffee with Czech roots

The eldest son of Czech settler and frontiersman Alois Strašil founded the farm in the year 1940. Alois was one of the very first inhabitants and coffee farmers of western Panama. National Geographic magazine even compared him to one of the heroes of the American West, Daniel Boone.

Respect for nature

Finca Hartmann became world famous mostly due to the sustainable farming practices and biodiversity. All coffee is grown in the shade of native trees and plantains that also serve as habitat for numerous bird species. It is no surprise that the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute performed many scientific tests here.


Pokud hledáte opravdu neobyčejnou kávu s osobitým chuťovým charakterem, která se vymyká všem ostatním klasickým odrůdám, ochutnejte panamskou geishu. Tato odrůda má nejen fantastickou chuť, ale i zajímavý příběh. Do Panamy se dostala přes Tanzánii a Kostariku, kde byla v 50. letech 20. st. šlechtěna pro svou vysokou odolnost vůči rzi kávovníkových listů. Její pravý původ zůstává neověřen, ale traduje se, že získala jméno po vesnici Gesha v Etiopii. Až teprve v roce 2004 majitel farmy Hacienda La Esmeralda Daniel Peterson s překvapením zjistil, že podivně vysoké keře s podlouhlými třešněmi vykazují na degustačním stole neobyčejné výsledky. Rodina Petersonů se rozhodla zpracovat třešně kávovníků geisha odděleně od ostatních odrůd a uspořádala vůbec první internetovou aukci kávy. Během následujících několika let dokázala geisha změnit celý svět kávy ...

Washed Processing

Handpicked coffee cherries are first sorted to remove unripe and overripe cherries. The beans are then stripped of their skins using a mechanical huller. The hulled beans are fermented in a tank to release the remaining pulp, which is finally washed off in a water channel. From there, the clean beans are transferred to African beds, where they are dried for two weeks. Coffees processed this way have a sparkling acidity and an elegant fruity flavor.

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