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Nicaragua El Poste 1 kg

This washed maragogype variety comes as a microlot from the El Poste farm owned by Guillermo Montenegro, our long term coffee partner from Nicaragua. It is complex, sweet and fruity coffee with notes of lemon balm, caramel and yellow fruit.

Nicaragua El Poste 1 kg

1000 g Available
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Country Nicaragua
Farm El Poste
Varietal Arabica maragogype
Processing Washed
Crop March 2023
Partnership 6 years
Flavour Fruity & Elegant

Strong family history

The story of the Montenegro family and their farm is a story of an incredible stregth and resilience. The family nearly lost the farm three times until now. The first time was when the farm got hugely destroyed by the hurricane in 1998. The second time, they almost lost it during the world financial crises. And the third time was in 2012 when they had to get rid of the majority of coffee trees attacked by roya and plant new trees. We have been coming to the farm to pick our coffees since 2018. And we are very pleased the family has never given up and still manages to produce incredible coffees after all the struggle they have been through.

Farm Coffee Family

Farm Coffee Family
Farm coffee family is the core of our offering. Seasonal specialty coffee lots grown and processed by producers with whom doubleshot has been fostering strong long-term relationships. Uncompromising respect to nature, people and coffee translated into final cup.

Learn more about the Montenegro family

Profile of Mr. Montenegro
Profile of Mr. Montenegro
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The El Poste farm

lies on the border of Nicaragua and Honduras, not far from the town of Dipilto. The coffee we picked this year is Mr Montenegro´s pride - maragogype variety, which he has made it to the finals of Cup of Excellence several times with. He placed 7th in 2017. The coffee was washed with prolonged fermentation of 40 hours. They dried the cherries on beds under a shade at the La Estrella station in Diplito town. This way the coffee stays great for longer.

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