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Airscape Canister Small

The original Airscape coffee storage canister, made by Planetary Design, features a patented lid, which actively removes and locks out air to preserve and protect freshness and flavor.

Airscape Canister Small

Master box contains 6 pc Available
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880 Kč
EAN 645771002527
Manufacturer Planetary Design (USA)
Material Nerez
Volume 250 g
Color Černá

Coffee´s worst enemies

Roasted coffee´s worst enemies are warm temperatures, light and oxygen. There is quite a lot of chemical reactions going on during the roasting process. One of their by-product is carbon dioxide which later on slowly degases from the beans. The amount of CO2 in the beans largely depends on the roasting profile. 40 % of CO2 is released from the beans within the first 24 hours. The remaining amount within the next 2-7 days. Freshly roasted coffee can be recognized by intensive aromatics and lots of crema / crust formed on the coffee surface. We recommend brewing our coffee within one month after the date of roast. What is the best way to store the beans?

How to keep your coffee fresh?

We have tested Airscape containers side by side a standard 3-ply coffee bags with ziplock and found the difference quite substantial. After one month of opening and closing the canister and bags regularly, we cupped both coffees and found the one stored in Airscape more aromatic and intense in all flavour atributes.

The idea behind Airscape is simple. After adding the beans you close the canister by pushing on a special lid equipped with a one way valve. Therefore, you release as much O2 from the space as possible, slowing down the natural oxidation of the product.

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