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Something else you might need while preparing your coffee. You will find here paper filters for various devices, brewing kettles, scales, decanters and other gadgets that make brewing coffee fun.

Aeropress Paper Filters (350 pcs)

130 Kč

Paper Filters size 4 (100 pcs)

96 Kč

Paper Filters size 1 (80 pcs)

69 Kč

Replacement Paper Filters for Vacuum Pot (100 pcs)

130 Kč

Paper Filter Adapter for Vacuum Pot

350 Kč

Hario V60-01 Bleached Paper Filters (100 pcs)

95 Kč

Hario V60-02 Bleached Paper Filters (100 pcs)

115 Kč
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Hario Bamboo Stirrer

95 Kč

Airscape Canister Large

939 Kč

Airscape Canister Small

779 Kč

Urnex Cafiza

360 Kč

Příručka profesionálního baristy

550 Kč
Black / Yellow | Cream / Blue

rCup 340 ml

330 Kč
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Propane-Butane Micro Burner

1 450 Kč

Rhino Tamper Mat - Corner

490 Kč

Rhinowares Deluxe Knock-box

1 130 Kč

Chemex Paper Filters Square (100 pcs)

310 Kč
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