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Colombia Imbachi 1 kg

This washed caturra microlot comes from a small Colombian producer Carlos Imbachi with whom we have been cooperating already for 12 years. It is a very universal and complex coffee with fruity aroma, notes of plums and panela.

Colombia Imbachi 1 kg

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Country Colombia
Farm Finca Buenavista
Varietal Arabica Caturra
Processing Washed
Crop November 2022
Partnership 12 years
Coffee type Whole bean
Taste Plums, tropical fruits, lemon grass

Long term partnership

Since the very beginning of our company we decided to create direct relationships with producers who have similar philosophy about growing and processing specialty coffee (see Farmers and Crops for more info). Carlos Imbachi has been one of them and we are extremely happy to offer you another selection of his crop, 12th year in a row.

Bright future

We are very happy to see that Carlos and Yolanda's kids continue with the legacy of their parents. It is not very common in Colombia to see young producers to follow in the footsteps of their parents. The average age of a coffee farmer is around 60 years. Diego, Sonia and Ever work on their own parts of the farm while Didier has a QC job with our exporting partner Caravela.

Producer information
Producer information
Learn more about the Imbachi family and their approach to coffee

Specific micro-climate

Currently, we are buying various microlots from the Imbachi family 3-4x per year. Huila is specific for its climate which allows the producers to pick cherries basically all year around. Traditionally, the crop used to be divided into main (principal), which last from October until December and mitaca (March-June). This division however slowly loses its meaning.

Fresh coffee all year around

The flavour profile of Imbachi coffee might change a bit during the year, since we purchase approx 15-20 different microlots (each 100-1000 kg). On the other hand, the freshness of the beans is a major benefit because its almost impossible to have "aged" coffee.
The Imbachi family produces approx. 17 tons of coffee in parchment per year depending on the size of the crop. All coffee is fully washed and dried in secaderos.

SCAA Best Coffee of the Year

His farm Buenavista is located in 1800 masl altitude, nearby San Augustin village in Huila. Carlos has more than 4,5 ha of pure caturra trees, together with a little bit of pink bourbon and geisha. Carlos won the prestigious title of SCAA Best Coffee of the Year 2009 and 2010.

Typical Huila flavour profile

For us all the coffees from Imbachi family have the typical flavour profile of the best Huila coffees. Aroma is dominated by tropical fruits, plums and panela. In flavor, expect thick and deep notes of chocolate covered raising, plums and nuts. This is a complex and universal coffee. You can brew it using almost any method.


After collecting and pulping freshly picked cherries, they are fermented (without water) for approx. 16-24 hours. Previously, Carlos was drying his coffee on the traditional Casas Heldas - moveable roof patios. Basically the whole roof of the house slides over to uncover the patio. Once it starts raining, roof is moved back to cover the beans. Nowadays, this system has been replaced by drying houses (“secaderos”), which provide better air circulation and more even drying conditions.

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