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Flirt 1 kg

Sweet and creamy coffee. Flirt is our dream filter coffee for everyday drinking. Great taste every day, easy brewing.

Flirt 1 kg

1000 g Available
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Farm Costa Rica Macho, Ethiopia Fero
Varietal arabica catuaí and heirloom
Processing honey and washed
Crop January and March 2023
Coffee type whole bean
Flavour Sweet & Creamy


This coffee is for everyone who enjoys flirting with filtered coffee, as well as for those who have a serious relationship with it. You'll never get bored with it; it's juicy yet sweet and beautifully aromatic. Every date with it is simply fun.

We always select coffees for Flirt to ensure that the resulting cup is sweet and fun, but never becomes tiresome. During the year, its composition slightly changes, but its taste remains similar. Flirt is the kind of coffee that, whenever you reach for it, your date will be a little different every time, but you'll always enjoy it.

Filter Coffee Family

Flirt, Farm, Decaf and Limited
Flirt is our comfort blend for filter coffee. Sweet and creamy. Farm is the heart of our offer. Seasonal specialty coffee from responsible farmers. With respect for nature, no compromises, with maximum flavor. Decaf is our decaffeinated filter for everyday drinking. Limited are the gems among our coffees. Rare pieces for a unique taste experience.

How does it taste?

Ondřej can easily drink this coffee every day. What he enjoys about it is that nothing loudly stands out, and it's well-balanced. You don't have to think too much about this coffee, you simply drink it with joy. It has a creamy body, sweetness of honey and chocolate, with subtle notes of dried apricots."

Current blend

Flirt currently consists of two coffees. Light and floral coffee from the Ethiopian Fero cooperative and sweet Costa Rican coffee from the farm Macho.
50% Ethiopia Fero - washed processing
50% Costa Rica Macho - honey processing

Ethipia Fero

Fero is one of the main cooperatives belonging to the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU), one of the largest and most well-known exporting organizations in Ethiopia. Fero has over 5000 farmer members, making it one of the largest cooperatives in terms of both membership and production within the union. Farmers in this area are true smallholders, averaging less than a hectare of land each.
The coffee you'll find at Flirt is processed using the washed method and consists of local varieties. Its taste profile is characterized by floral notes, lightness, and hints of black tea.

Costa Rica Macho

The Naranjo family has been growing coffee for more than 30 years. However, only 15 years ago, thanks to the so called micro-revolution. Efrain was able to build his own processing station in the village of Santa Rosa de León Cortés, which he named after the elevation Santa Rosa 1900. He can now depulp his cherries by himself, ferment them in fermentation tanks and dry either on concrete patios or raised African beds.
Our catuai microlot is processed using honey method. We enjoy the delicate and well structured acidity as well as higher sweetness and tropical notes, which, in our opinion, are caused by higher elevation of the farm.

Brew it simply

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