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Era 1 kg

Fruity and elegant flagship espresso. Era is our bestseller, which you know from coffee shops. Modern espresso for high-end coffee machines.

Era 1 kg

1000 g Available
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Farm Brazil Celso and Gertrudes, Ethiopia Fero
Varietal Arabica Catuaí and Ethiopian Heirloom
Processing Natural and fully washed
Crop September and February 2023
Partnership 12 years and 1 year
Flavour Fruity & Elegant

How do we create our Era blend?

When we create Era espresso blends, we always look for single origin coffees with distinguishable character, which would together make a true taste experience.

Our current Era consists of two coffees:

Brazil Celso and Gertrudes - natural - catuaí - 60%

Ethiopia Fero - washed - Ethiopian heirloom - 40%

Espresso Coffee Family

Start, Era and Extra
Start is our basic blend for superautomatic espresso machines. Sweet and creamy. Era is our vision of modern espresso. Fruity and elegant. Extra is our premium single-origin espresso. Juicy and exotic.

Brazil Celso and Gertrudes

We have been enjoying coffees from Celso & Gertrudes and their farm Boa Vista for more than 12 years already. They are juicy, creamy and super sweet. They are the cornerstone of our Brazilian offering every year. We usually buy several varieties (catuaí, bourbon, obata, sumatra) which are dry processed at the farm. The crop starts in May and lasts until September. All the cherry post-processing is carried out at Joao Hamilton dry mill and Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, which is owned by the Croce family, our partner in Brazil.

Ethiopia Fero

The second part of our espresso blend consists of Ethiopian coffee from Fero processing station, which belongs to the Sidama Coffee Farmers Union and was founded already in 1976. Currently the station buys cherries from more than 4000 small holders.
This is a classic fully washed lot from the last year crop. First the freshly picked cherries are pulped in disc pulpers and fermented over night in concrete tanks. After washing and separation the parchment beans are dried on African beds for the duration of 20 days.

How does it taste?

Dry processed catuaí from Celso and Gertrudes has sweet and thick notes of maple sirup and cherries, together with creamy mouthfeel. On the other hand the washed Ethiopian Fero brings floral aromatics with citric acidity and honey sweetness. Together they create a well-balanced and sweet espresso which works by itself as well as with milk.

Do you have your favourite cup?

Demitasse cup by Goat Cup
Demitasse cup by Goat Cup
210 Kč
Cappuccino cup by Goat Cup
Cappuccino cup by Goat Cup
280 Kč
Latte cup by Goat Cup
Latte cup by Goat Cup
335 Kč

Recommended Recipe

Dose: 18-19 g
Temperature: 94 °C
Coffee Yield: 45-50 g
Extraction time: 28-35 sec

(We always recommend using precision baskets VST, LM Advanced or IMS.)

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