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Start 1 kg

Sweet and creamy espresso. Start is our basic blend roasted for superautomatic espresso machines. Everyone can brew this coffee well.

Start 1 kg

1000 g Available
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Farm Guatemala Bella Vista, Brazílie Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza
Varietal Arabica bourbon a catuaí
Processing washed and natural
Crop January 2023 a September 2023
Partnership 9 years and 11 years
Coffee type whole bean
Flavour Sweet & Creamy

Start - specialty coffee for everybody

Roasted nuts, chocolate, caramel. Slightly darker roast then our house blend Era, even your superautomatic machines can extract rich and sweet flavour now. Simply, a specialty coffee you can start enjoying any time.

Espresso Coffee Family

Start, Era and Extra
Start is our basic blend for superautomatic espresso machines. Sweet and creamy. Era is our vision of modern espresso. Fruity and elegant. Extra is our premium single-origin espresso. Juicy and exotic.

How do we create Start?

We select Start beans in order to create a blend that is suitable for home espresso machines. With this roast even superautomatic machines can produce a lovely cup of coffee.
Every single edition of Start is a blend of coffees from farmers we have been working for so many years with and who we visit regualry. We dont want any difficulties or surpises for you. We want you to know your beans.

Let us introduce Start

Guatemala Bella Vista - 50%

Our Start is a blend of two coffees - Guatemala and Brazil.

Beans from Bella Vista are several microlots of bourbon variety from diferrent producers (5-15 farmers), situated in San Jose Poaquil (not far from Antigua). A person overseeing the coffee processing in Bella Vista is Luis Pedro Zelaya, the owner of Bella Vista station. We have been working closely with Luis for eight years.

Brazil FAF - 50%

Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza is a name of a farm belonging to a very well known Coce family. They come form Sao Paulo state and they became famous for their eco friendly way of farming. The Brazilian coffee we use in our Start consists of microlots from 10 producers in the region Caconde. Family Coce has been working with these producers for a very long time. This coffee was harvested in September, 2022 Catuai variety and was naturally processed.

Do you have everything you need for making your espresso at home?

  • 1 Grinder is the key.
    Baratza Sette 270Wi
    Baratza Sette 270Wi
    14 600 Kč
  • 2 Coffee tastes better from a proper cup.
    Demitasse cup by Goat Cup
    Demitasse cup by Goat Cup
    210 Kč
  • 3 Do you like milk in your coffee? Lets steam it as a professional barista.
    Stainless steel milk pitcher with volume marker 340 ml
    Stainless steel milk pitcher with volume marker 340 ml
    350 Kč

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Espresso at Home Course

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