Ethiopia Danche

This Ethiopian coffee comes from the Danche station in Chelbessa, Yirgacheffe. Both the terroir and the natural process gives it an intense stone fruit acidity and sweetness of brown sugar and honey.

Ethiopia Danche

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Country Ethiopia
Farm Danche, Worka Chelbessa, Yirgacheffe
Varietal Arabica heirloom
Processing Natural
Crop January 2022
Partnership Relationship Coffee
Taste Stone fruit, brown sugar, honey

Natural Processing

The coffee cherries were first floated (to separate low density cherries) in water and then dried on traditional African beds. Slow drying and good air flow are crucial for long shelf life of the green beans and preserving of great flavours.

Tile tanks

Chelbessa Danche station was quite a surprise for us. It is the only station out of so many we have visited that uses tile tanks. Tiles are brought from the USA. It is very clear they take cleanliness very seriously here.

Community station

Chelbessa Danche station lies at the altitude of 2100 masl and no paved road leads to it. So, we had to jump on motorbikes that we got from the neighbouring town and drive straight up the hill over mudy paths covered with coffee trees. This station buys cherries from over 400 farmers. Each of these producers owns a little farm of 1-2ha and grows around 1800-2400 trees. Each htree gives around 3kg of cherries.

Less coffee, higher price

The harvest was very low this year due to very unstable weather. Stations didnt buy many lots as it wouldnt earn much. And that is why coffee price went up about 25 birr. Which is nearly twice the price compared to the previous years.

Would you like to try funky Ethiopian coffee roasted for espresso?

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Ethiopia Uraga Espresso
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