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Guatemala El Paraiso

The first fresh crop of Guatemalan coffee comes from hands of a very sweet man, Urisaro Fernelda. It is washed bourbon and caturra from the Huehuetenango reagion. It gives you a very complex cup of coffee with delicate acidity of black currant and milk chocolate sweetness.

Guatemala El Paraiso

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Country Guatemala
Farm El Paraiso, Huehuetenango
Varietal Arabica bourbon a caturra
Processing Washed
Crop January 2022
Taste Green apple, chocolate, black currant

El Paraiso Farm

The farm was founded by Urisar´s grandfather in 1965. In the beginning they grew coffee along with tobacco, corn and cattle. However after some time coffee became the major crop. Urisar finished his studies in Agronomy and since 2010 he has been taking care of the farm himself. He started introducing more systematic way of farming. Urisar is pretty good at marketing of his coffee too. Check his Instagram profile out: Paraiso Coffees.


Not long time ago Huhuetenango was a very hardly accesible region on the border with Chaipas, Mexico. A journey from Antigua to the capital of the region took up to ten hours. And to get to farms of la Libertad was even about three hours longer. Luckily later, a regular flight was scheduled. The coffee community calls it "The Coffee Bueyers´ Express".

This coffee tastes great in French Press.

French Press Frieling Ultimo
French Press Frieling Ultimo
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Washed method

Freshly harvested coffee cherries are placed into water tanks. Where all the unnecesary dirt and rubbish stay and only fully riped cherries get selected. After washing cherries in tanks, coffee skin and flash are removed. Coffee seeds are fermented for 36-48 hours. Through fermentation you lose the last protective layer of coffee cherries which is washed away afterwards in water canals. Washed and clean coffee beans are placed on African beds and dried for 10 days.

San Miguel Coffees

This year crop of all our producers has dropped about half. This is due higher temperature and less rainfall. Therefore we were forced to find new great coffee crops during our March visit in Guatemala. We asked for help our friend Adrian Cabrera. We met Adrian a few years ago during our internship in Costa Rica. We agreed to visit his station - San Miguel Coffees. And we managed to choose three great lots from three new producers.

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