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French Press Frieling Ultimo

We totally dig the stylish Ultimo (500 ml) French Press. Manufactured by American company Frieling, this little work of art will adorn any house-hold, restaurant or café.

French Press Frieling Ultimo

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1 400 Kč
EAN 0701142714588
manufacturer Frieling (Hong Kong)
material Stainless steel
Volume 500 ml
Rozměry 85 (w) x 200 (h) mm

Stable temperature

In comparison to other similar products on the market, the Ultimo can maintain a stable temperature during the extraction due to its sturdy double-wall stainless steel case, which also makes it more resistant to breakage.


The origins of French Press, also called cafeolette, cafetiere or push-pot, date all the way to Napoleon France. However, the first patent was registered, as usual in coffee world, by Italian Attilio Calimani from Milan. Since then, French Press has become a standard way to prepare coffee at home.

Stir your coffee well

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