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Kenya Kiganjo 1 kg

This microlot comes from the Kiganjo station situated in the Kiambu region not far from the city of Nairobi. You will be amazed by this juicy coffee with notes of stone fruit, rhubarb and granadilla.

Kenya Kiganjo 1 kg

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Country Kenya
Farm Thiririka Farmers Coop, Kiambu
Varietal Arabica SL28 / SL34
Processing Fully Washed

Thiririka Farmers Cooperative Society

The Thiririka Farmers Cooperative Society has three factories: Githembe, Kiganjo and Ndundu. At Githembe the coffee is only pulped and washed, and then transported to Kiganjo for drying. Coop has around 1500 active farmers. Harvest is from October to December. Annual production is 4100 bags.


It is common in Kenya that the stations buy coffees from several farmers who grow a mixture of different varieties like SL28/SL34 or new and more disease resistant varities Batian or Ruira 11. These new varieties yield more then the tradiotional SL. Hence they are becoming more popular.


The first (main) season lasts form October to January, the second season from March to April. The skin and part of flesh are removed in a "depulper" (see picture below). Cherries are then fermented in concrete tanks over night for 12-72 hours. They are washed and put on African beds and dried in the sun for 7-15 days afterwards.

How to brew the best cup of Kenyan coffee?

Espro Bloom Pour Over
Espro Bloom Pour Over
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