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Moccamaster Cup One

Moccamaster Cup One is a recent innovation from Dutch coffee machine manufacturer Technivorm. Cup One enables you to brew a single cup of coffee (max. 300 ml) according to the brewing standards of the international Specialty Coffee Association SCA.

Moccamaster Cup One

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4 900 Kč
EAN 8712072692121
Manufacturer Technivorm (Netherlands)
Material Stainless-steel
Color white, black, silver, orange, green,
Dimensions 36 x 18 x 32 cm
Záruka 5 years

Perfect cup of coffee without much effort

Cup One is the perfect solution for those customers who drink only small amount of coffee at a time but still prefer to use an electric brewer. Once combined with an electric grinder (such as Baratza Encore) you have an unbeatable set-up when it comes to cup quality and ease of use.

Why we love it?

Brewing temperature 92°- 96°C and coffee temperature is 80° - 85°C

  • Automatically shuts off when the water has drained

  • 3 modern colours

  • Handmade in the Netherlands - strict quality control, ECBC approved and 5 years warranty
  • Don't forget

    • 1 Grinder
      Baratza Virtuoso+
      Baratza Virtuoso+
      5 700 Kč
    • 2 Paper Filters
      Paper Filters size 1 (80 pcs)
      Paper Filters size 1 (80 pcs)
      89 Kč
    • 3 Scale
      Hario V60 digital scale with timer
      Hario V60 digital scale with timer
      1 450 Kč

    Packaging contains

  • 2 porcelain mugs

  • measuring spoon

  • cupholder

  • 10 disposable paper cups

  • 80 filter papers
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