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Rwanda Coko

Coko is a small coop hidden in the Gakenke mountains north of Kigali. High altitude, traditional bourbon variety and fully washed method translate in the cup into the notes of milk chocolate, orange and spices. Easily drinkable and enjoyable coffee.

Rwanda Coko

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Country Rwanda
Farm Twongerekawa Coko
Varietal Arabica Bourbon
Processing Washed
Crop May 2021
Certification Direct Trade
Taste Milk chocolate, orange, vanilla, clove

The cooperative society Twongerekawa Coko

Coko is the only washing station owned by the cooperative society Twongerekawa Coko. This coop's management is made up of twelve members: 8 women and 4 men, currently presided by Mrs. Therese Nyirangwabije.

For better livelihood

The mission of Twongerekawa is to alleviate poverty among smallholder farmers in the area, with a special focus on women. Coko processes over 300 tonnes of specialty coffee, following principles of sustainable agriculture (currently undergoing organic certification).


Coffee cherries are first fermented for 12 hours without water, followed by 18 hours in fermentation tanks. Drying takes place on traditional African beds.

Selection from Gitaba village farmers

This is our 8th year of cooperation with Coko (see Farmers and Crops). As in previous years, we purchased a microlot picked from small farms around the Gitaba village. Two years ago, the village purchased 5 cows from the premium money we paid. Last year, as well as this year, the premiums went to improve the infrastructure of the mill and building a new nursery for fruit and shade trees.

Delicate and universal

Notes of orange, vanilla and clove dominate the aromatics and flavour of the cup. There is a slight milk chocolate aftertaste as well. This is very versatile and drinkable coffee. Our favourite crowd pleaser!

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