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Brazil Joao Hamilton

A sweet and creamy coffee from the series of single-origin filter coffees Farm. Joao Hamilton's coffees have had a solid place in our offer since the founding of doubleshot.

Brazil Joao Hamilton

300 g Available
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330 Kč
Country Brazil
Farm Sitio Canaa
Varietal Arabica Sumatra
Processing Natural
Crop August 2023
Partnership since 2010
Coffee type Whole bean
Flavour Sweet & Creamy

Brazil Joao Hamilton

Coffee from Joao Hamilton was one of the first Brazilian coffees in our offer. The quality of the coffee and sustainable farming processes are the reasons why it has remained until now. Joao owns the Sítio Canaa and Novo Canaa farms in the Caconde region and has also built his own processing mill, where he helps his neighbors process their coffee.

Joao's rapid progress was primarily aided by his collaboration with Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF). This is a farm and export company owned by the Croce family, which emphasizes an uncompromising and responsible approach to the environment. This is evidenced by the fact that their farm was among the first organic (not just coffee) farms in Brazil.

We select several coffees from Joao each year. In this case, it is the dry-processed Sumatra variety. Along with Obata, it is the best we can taste each year. The coffee has high honey sweetness and a light peach undertone. Ideal for filter coffee, but also suitable for moka pots.

Farm Coffee Family
The Farm coffee family forms the heart of our offer. Seasonal specialty lots grown by responsible farmers with whom doubleshot maintains strong long-term relationships. Uncompromising respect for the soil, people, and beans is reflected in the final taste.

Flavor Description

This coffee was selected by our barista Kamila during her autumn visit to Brazil. In her tasting notebook, she wrote: creamy body, brown sugar, maple syrup, yellow fruit. Translated - expect a rich cup of coffee dominated by sweetness and minimal acidity. Ideal for those who do not favor overly fruity coffees.

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Farm Introduction

From commodity coffee to ecological farming

Until 2006, brothers Joao and Ivan, farmers from the Caconde region, were strictly engaged in the cultivation and processing of commodity coffee in the largest possible volumes. The reality of the coffee market and the unsustainable development of the farm (using large amounts of synthetic fertilizers) forced Joao and Ivan to change their philosophy and focus primarily on product quality and ecological farming.

In collaboration with Marcos Croce and his son Felipe from the renowned Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF) farm, they focused their efforts on selective harvesting of ripe cherries, drying coffee on African beds, and especially on separating the harvest by variety or date (microlots).

Leaders in their region

Since then, Joao and Ivan have come a long way. Their farms are now a model example of how to grow and process specialty coffee in Brazil in an environmentally friendly way while also running an economically profitable business. We visit Joao and Ivan dos Santos every year in September. This year, Joao proudly showed off his family house under construction and the already functional processing plant where he processes not only his coffees but also those of his neighbors.

Sumatra Variety

Sumatra is a natural mutation of the Typica variety. As the name suggests, it originates from the island of Sumatra and stands out for its higher production of coffee cherries. It arrived in Brazil more than 100 years ago, and the coffee trees on Joao Hamilton's farm date back to this period.

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