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Clever Dripper

If we were ever forced to choose one and only brewing method for the rest of our lives, it would probably be Abid Clever.

Clever Dripper

Master box contains 12 pc Available
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520 Kč
EAN 4715838468880
Manufacturer Abid (Taiwan)
Material Plast
Volume cca 350 ml (cca 12 oz)
Dimensions 100 (d) x 100(š) x 300(v) mm

Simply clever

This simple plastic filter is an ingenious combination of French Press and popular pour over methods such as Hario V60 or Chemex. Due to its patented shut-off valve system, you can precisely control the extraction time. Once Clever is placed on top of a mug or a carafe, the valve automatically opens the bottom part and coffee is filtered straight into the prepared vessel. The resulting cup has a balanced combination of flavours and strong body.

Ideal morning partner

However, the major advantage of Clever is the lack of grounds and sludge in the cup. Brewing this way will not take more than 3 minutes and cleaning is even faster. Abid Clever thus might be the ultimate answer to your morning "laziness" to prepare high quality coffee correctly and quickly.

Don't forget filters

Paper Filters size 4 (100 pcs)
Paper Filters size 4 (100 pcs)
106 Kč

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