Brazil Valdir 1 kg

This beautiful Brazilian coffee was produced by Valdir Ferreira and his wife Daniela, the owners of a farm Sitio Joaninha. The farm is situated in the valley of Boa Vista Zani, not far from a little town called Caconde in the state of Sao Paulo. This microlot was harvested and naturally processed in August, 2020.

Brazil Valdir 1 kg

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Country Brazil
Farm Sitio Joaninha
Varietal Arabica Red Catuaí
Processing Natural
Crop August 2020
Certification Relationship Coffee
Typ kávy Wholebean
Taste Gingerbread, black tea, brown sugar
manufacturer doubleshot

The story of The Ladybug Farm (Sitio Joaninha = local ladybug)

The story of the Farm Sitio Joaninha is very similar to the other farms we get our coffees from. It was the grandparents of Valdir who started the farm 35 years ago. Valdir has spent all his life on the farm. First as a child and later working.

The coffee market (with its very low prices and unpredictability) and unsustainable development of the farm forced the Ferreira family to change their approach and the whole philosophy of farming. They started focusing on the quality of coffee they produced and eco-friendly farm managing.

Projekt Bobolink

Valdir was one of the first farmers who got involved in the project of Bobolink
Valdir, together with Marcos Croce and his son Felip from the very well known Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF), put all effort into hand picking of ripe coffee cherries, drying the cherries on so called african beds and above all dividing the harvest according to its variety and date (into microlots).

Natural Process

This lot is a naturally processed red catuai (August, 2020). This coffee gets picked and also dried right on the farm. Sadly, we couldnt go to Brasil this year (like we have done it every year so far). That is why we had to pick this coffee from the samples that got sent to us from Brazil.

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Sweet filter coffee

We roast this coffee for filter brewing. You get notes of gingerbread, black tea and brown sugar.

Indulge yourself with a great cup of coffee at your home.

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