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Brazil Valdir and Daniela 1 kg

Sweet and creamy coffee from the Single Origin Filter - Farm series. Coffee from Brazilian producer Valdir Ferreira and his wife Daniela will delight you every day. A very comforting cup with the taste of nougat and undertones of orange peel.

Brazil Valdir and Daniela 1 kg

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Country Brazil
Farm Sitio Joaninha, Caconde, Sao Paulo
Varietal Arabica Arara
Processing Natural
Crop August 2023
Partnership 5 years
Coffee type Wholebean
Flavour Sweet & Creamy

Valdir & Daniela

Single-origin filter coffee that will surely delight you every day. In this package from the Farm series, you will find coffee from Valdir and Daniela from the Brazilian region of Caconde. It's the Arara variety, dry-processed in the autumn of last year.

We've been purchasing coffee from their Joaninha farm for several years now, and it has become one of our staples. What we enjoy about the Ferreira family's coffee is how it improves every year. We also appreciate their responsible approach not only to cultivation but also to the operation of the farm itself.

This coffee shines best as pour-over coffee, but it will certainly also excel in a moka pot.

Farm Coffee Family
The Farm coffee family creates the heart of our offer. Seasonal selection of lots grown by responsible farmers with whom doubleshot maintains strong long-term relationships. Uncompromising respect for the nature, people, and beans reflected in the resulting taste.

How does this coffee taste?

Sweet & Creamy

This year, we were most impressed by the dry-processed Arara variety from their harvest. It stands out with the sweetness of nougat and a subtle fruity undertone of orange peel.

The story of The Ladybug Farm (Sitio Joaninha = local ladybug)

The story of the Farm Sitio Joaninha is very similar to the other farms we get our coffees from. It was the grandparents of Valdir who started the farm 35 years ago. Valdir has spent all his life on the farm. First as a child and later working.

The coffee market (with its very low prices and unpredictability) and unsustainable development of the farm forced the Ferreira family to change their approach and the whole philosophy of farming. They started focusing on the quality of coffee they produced and eco-friendly farm managing.

The Sitio Joaninha is located in the Boa Vista Zani valley near the town of Caconde in the state of Sao Paulo.

Bobolink Project

Valdir was one of the first farmers who got involved in the project of Bobolink
Valdir, together with Marcos Croce and his son Felip from the very well known Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF), put all effort into hand picking of ripe coffee cherries, drying the cherries on so called african beds and above all dividing the harvest according to its variety and date.

In recent years, the quality of their coffee has reached such a high level that they are sold as microlots. This means the best you can taste from the given farm.

Energy self-sufficiency

Valdir really surprised us with his intention and drive to be the first self-sufficient farmer on the mountain. Two years ago, he installed first few photovoltaic panels and started using his biogas station using pig´s poo. Thus he is able to generate enough electricity and gas to conveniently cook and power most of his home appliances.

Enjoy a coffee just like in our café.

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Arara Variety

Sometimes called Yelllow Obata. It is a hybrid between Yellow Catuai and our favorite Obata. The cherries ripen to a yellow, not red, color. Currently, it is perhaps the trendiest variety among Brazilian farmers. They have embraced it for its specific flavor profile, resistance to coffee rust, and relatively high yield per tree. Arara exhibits high sweetness in the cup and, depending on the conditions, exotic fruit tones. Therefore, it's no wonder that it often surpasses the 90-point mark in coffee quality ratings.

Natural processing

Harvest begins in May to June. Precisely hand-picked and sorted cherries at maximum ripeness are first dried on African beds. The final phase takes place on patios in the so-called volcanoes. This is a specific Brazilian system of cherry piles for uniform and slow drying, which is an important step for the long shelf life and clean taste of natural coffees.

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