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NextLevel Brewer LVL-10

NextLevel brings coffee brewing to a whole new level. It’s effective, yet simple way to get the most out of our coffee.
(Please note, this is not the Pulsar model.)

NextLevel Brewer LVL-10

Your price (Incl. VAT)
1 370 Kč
Manufacturer NextLevel Brewer Co (USA)
Material Tritan, TPE
Color Black or white

No water around

The main attribute of NextLevel is its‘ ‚no bypass‘ method, which means all water gets in contact with coffee and doesn’t pass around the edges – a thing that can easily happen with regular drippers. This way an even extraction is guaranteed.

Looking for Pulsar?

NextLevel Pulsar
NextLevel Pulsar
1 680 Kč

A simple kettle is enough

A regular kitchen kettle is a great way to brew with NextLevel. Due to the special design of the top shower screen the water drips equally to the whole coffee bed. The speed of dripping depends on the size of drip holes, so your brews will be precise even when you’re half asleep in the morning.

What’s in the box

NextLevel Brewer
100 pcs filter papers

Need more filters?

NextLevel paper filters
NextLevel paper filters
350 Kč

Our favourite brewing method

30g coffee
500g water at 100°C

1. Insert a paper filter at the bottom grid and secure with transparent tube. Rinse with water.
2. Put in your coffee grounds and level it by slightly tapping your brewer. Attach the top shower screen and start your timer.
3. Pour in 100g of hot water and stir with swirling the water within the brewer.
4. After a minute of brewing top up with water up to 300g.
5. Once the water reaches the top bottom rim (black/white), top up with water to a total weight of 500g.

The grind should be set at a point so you get a total brew time at around 7 minutes.

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