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DevConf Sample Pack

We have chosen three coffees to compliment your experience at the 2022 virtual conference. One coffee for each day, plus one bonus coffee for the day before or day after (i.e. 3 x 70 g). The coffees will be presented in a live guided tasting by our barista trainers during the conference and later available on the DevConf YouTube channel.
As a bonus, you can add any standard 350 g bags of coffee to your order with a special 20% discount. This will get you more great coffee and make your shipping more efficient.

DevConf Sample Pack

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Coffee #1 - Costa Rica Šumava

Finca Šumava de Lourdes is an ambitious project which was put together by a famous Costa Rican coffee exporter Francisco Mena and a Czech investor. The farm is located about an hour from the capital in the region of Lourdes de Naranjo. The idea behind this project is to build a state-of-the-art farm, which will benefit from a huge coffee know-how and strong financial background.You can read more about Guillermo Montenegro, the owner of El Poste, here.

Coffee #2 - Brazil Joao Hamilton

Until 2006, Joao and Ivan, producers from Caconde region of Sao Paulo, focused their work predominantly on the commodity market. That meant growing and processing as much coffee as they could without considering the impact of heavy use of synthetic chemicals on their farms. In cooperation with Marcos Croce and his son Felipe from Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF), they decided to give it a go in the specialty market. First, they focused on improving picking (ripe cherries only), separating the crop into microlots based on cultivars and paying close attention to the drying process (using African beds). Later, they also included many principles of organic farming into their lives.

Coffee #3 - Kenya Ndumberi

Ndumberi co-op is located at Kiambu County sitting on southern edge of the Aberdare mountains. Ndumberi, an advocate for good agricultural practices, is certified under the 4C Association, UTZ, Rainforest and FairTrade standards. Registered in 1966, the society has grown its membership from 430 to 3,000 as members' coffee improves in quality and gains better market access and higher prices. Leadership at Ndumberi continues to invest in training and quality control, agronomy support and digitization.

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