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El Salvador Las Camelias Geisha

Juicy coffee from the new farm of Graciano Cruz in El Salvador. In a limited edition, you have a unique opportunity to taste the first harvest of the geisha variety. It tastes like jasmine, pineapple and chocolate.

El Salvador Las Camelias Geisha

200 g Available
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400 Kč
Country El Salvador
Farm Las Camelias
Varietal Arabica Geisha
Processing Honey
Crop March 2023
Partnership since 2022
Coffee type Whole bean
Flavour Juicy & Exotic

Coffee from Graciano Cruz's new farm

Taste the new coffee from the renowned Panamanian farmer, Graciano Cruz. However, this time it's not Panamanian coffee, but coffee from his new project in El Salvador. Several years ago, he acquired the Las Camelias farm in the Chalatenango region, and now you have the opportunity to taste the first harvest of his favorite geisha variety - dry processed. On the filter, you'll experience juicy tones of tropical fruit and jasmine.

This is a limited quantity of this exquisite coffee, so don't hesitate to taste how Graciano has succeeded.

Limited Edition

In each box, you will always find gems among our coffees. Rare pieces for a unique taste experience.

How does this coffee taste?

Juicy and exotic

Graciano sent us this coffee by air, as one of the possible coffees for barista competitions. The geisha variety is typical for its taste of tropical fruit and floral aroma. The dry processing gives it fuller notes of peach and blackcurrant. All of this is nicely wrapped in honey sweetness with a chocolate aftertaste.

Las Camelias farm

Las Camelias is a new farm which is situated high in the mountains above El Tunel village in Chalatenango.
We know this region quite well since we spent several months working here with small producers back in 2010. At that time, Chalatenango was not particularly famous among the specialty coffee crowd. That has changed tremendously. Today, pacamara microlots from this region belong to some of the best coffees from Central America.
Graciano Cruz bought his own farm here several years ago. The coffee you may try now is his very first crop of pacamara and geisha varieties.

Dry processing

This lot is processed using the traditional dry method, where Graciano spreads the cherries immediately after picking them onto African beds and slowly dries them for 14-20 days until they reach a final moisture content of 11.5%. The result of slow drying in the sun with constant turning of the cherries is a very sweet and fruity cup with a dense, creamy body.

Geisha variety

If you're seeking a truly extraordinary coffee with a distinctive flavor profile that stands out from all other classic varieties, give it a try. This variety not only boasts a fantastic taste but also an intriguing story. It made its way to Panama via Tanzania and Costa Rica, where it was cultivated in the 1950s for its high resistance to coffee leaf rust. Its true origin remains unverified, but it is rumored to have been named after the village of Gesha in Ethiopia. It wasn't until 2004 that Daniel Peterson, owner of Hacienda La Esmeralda farm, was surprised to find that the oddly tall bushes with elongated cherries exhibited extraordinary results on the cupping table. The Peterson family decided to process the geisha coffee cherries separately from other varieties and held the world's first online coffee auction. Over the next few years, geisha managed to revolutionize the entire coffee world...

What do you need to prepare this coffee?

  • 1 We love to brew the Aguacatal on French Press, Aeropress or the new Next Level brewer.
    NextLevel Pulsar
    NextLevel Pulsar
    1 680 Kč
    Espro Bloom Pour Over
    Espro Bloom Pour Over
    950 Kč
  • 2 Freshly ground coffee tastes the best. Do you already have your own grinder?
    Baratza Virtuoso+
    Baratza Virtuoso+
    5 700 Kč
    Fellow Ode Brew Grinder gen 2
    Fellow Ode Brew Grinder gen 2
    12 500 Kč

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