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Ethiopia Chelbessa Espresso 1 kg

This beautiful Ethiopian coffee comes from the station Chelbessa. Both the terroir Yirgacheffe and the fully washed process give it intense floral aroma, lovely fruity notes of peach and caramel sweetness. We roast this coffee primarily for single origin espresso.

Ethiopia Chelbessa Espresso 1 kg

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Country Ethiopia
Farm Chelbessa Danche, Yirgacheffe
Varietal Ethiopian Heirloom
Processing Fully Washed
Crop January 2021
Partnership Relationship Coffee

Tile tanks

Chelbessa station was quite a surprise for us. It is the only station out of so many we have visited that uses tile tanks. Tiles are brought from the USA. It is very clear they take cleanliness very seriously here. Which also reflects very well in your cup.

Community station

Chelbessa station lies at the altitude of 2100 masl and no paved road leads to it. So, we had to jump on motorbikes that we got from the neighbouring town and drive straight up the hill over mudy paths covered with coffee trees. This station buys cherries from over 400 farmers. Each of these producers owns a little farm of 1-2ha and grows around 1800-2400 trees. Each htree gives around 3kg of cherries.

Less coffee, higher price

The harvest was very low this year due to very unstable weather. Stations didnt buy many lots as it wouldnt earn much. And that is why coffee price went up about 25 birr. Which is nearly twice the price compared to the last year.


This lot consists of two fully washed varieties - wolisho and kurume. After picking, coffee cherries go through the traditional Agaarde pulpers, then they spend 72 hours in fermentation tanks. Afterwards, the leftover mucilage is mechanically removed and coffee is left for two more hours in fresh cold water before being spread on African beds for 15-25 days. After drying they get sorted and packed into bags. These bags are taken down to town on motorbikes where they load them on trucks and take them to the staion in Addis Abeba. In Addis Abeba they peel the seeds and sort them both mechanically and by hand and pack them ready for shipping.

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