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Why capsules?

We took our three favourite coffees and put them in compostable capsules. You can reach specialty coffee even more easily now. It is coffee roasted by us and it does taste great. You can start enjoying a juicy espresso in your home too!

Start Edition

This espresso is sweet and tastes like caramel, chocolate and roasted nuts. Its not just about drinking this coffee, but enjoying it as well!
From 143 Kč per box.

Funky capsules

It is juicy, fruity and tastes like strawberries coated in chocolate. They are both funky, the coffee and the farmer behind it.
From 170 Kč per box.

Decaf capsules

This pleaseanlty fruity espresso has notes of honey, cocoa and vanilla. It definitely does not miss anything, caffeine either.
From 143 Kč per box.

Our journey to capsules

As you may know we didnt like Nespresso capsules very much in the past. We didnt like the waste and its impact on the environment (estimated 13000 pieces of capsules are used every minute in the whole world), insufficinet technology and above all - the limited coffee selection for capsules available (Nespresso owned the patent). When the patent expired the whole market with capsules completely changed and started booming. The specialty coffee roasteries started taking over this now free market. Together with that a few new companies started focusing on renewable and eco materials for producing capsules. The capsule machine producers started innovating their machines in order to get more extracted and richer coffees. From this perspective there was no reason for us not to put our coffees into capsules and offer them to our customers. To the customers who are looking for a simple and fast way of making their espresso at home.
Our journey to capsules

How to get the best out of capsules?

No matter what is your capsule machine, always take care of the water first. It doesnt really matter what is your prefered method of making coffee beverage. 90% of an espresso and 98% of filter coffee is water! Water affects the final taste of your cup of coffee more than you would think. It is very important to use water with the best ratio of hardness, alkalinity and pH. Ideally, the hardness of water (Ca+Mg) should be somewhere aorund 50-180ppm, pH 6.5-7.5, alklanity 30-75ppm. You hardly can get these figures from the tap water. That is why we recommend to use bottled water for brewing coffee. We have got the best results so far with the brands Dobrá Voda and Aqua Bella. What do you expect from an espresso determines how much of water you want to use for brewing one capsule (5.4g). We recommend 1 capsule/5.4g for 25ml of water. This recipe gives you balanced cup of coffee when it comes to acidity and sweetness.
How to get the best out of capsules?

What are the capsules actually made of?

Our capsules are made of bioplasstic material called Terrablend. The majority of this material is made of renewable sources, like lignin. Lignin is a complex oxygen-containing organic polymer that, with cellulose, forms the main constituent of wood. It is second to cellulose as the most abundant organic material on Earth. We use it for strengthening our capsules. Other parts are glucose and starch. Our capsules are 100% compostable in industrial composting plants (following a regulation EU EN-13432 ). A perfect solution is to recycle paper in your recycling bin and throw your capsules in biowaste /food waste. We do not recommend much to compost your capsules in your home compost as the process would take a very long time.
What are the capsules actually made of?

Morning machine - a revolution in the world of capsules

Our capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines. If you do fancy to brew your coffee on a higher level and you would like to play with the brewing a little bit more please go and get yourself Morning capsule machine kávovar Morning. With this machine you can change temperature, pressure and other brew variables. We would love to share with you how do we brew capsules with Morning machine in our roastery. More ...
Morning machine - a revolution in the world of capsules


Can I use my capsules in any capsule machine?
Yes, you can use your capsules in all capsule machines of Nespresso type. If you can, pleas set 25ml of water for each capsule. The extraction time should be 10 seconds.
Do your capsules come in bigger boxes?
Very soon. We do have boxes of 10 pieces at the moment. But we are planning to sell boxes of 100 and more pieces for companies and offices.
How much of coffee is in each capsule?
Each capsule contains 5.4g of ground coffee.
How can I find out when was the coffee in my capsules roasted?
You can always find the expiration date printed on the box, which is 18 months after the actual roast date. We roast coffee for capsules just a few days before having them ground and packed. We do sell our coffee the freshest possible, beans or ground in capsules. Furthermore, the lining of our capsules is made of 100% compostable material, which keeps the ground coffee fresh for up to several months. You might be interested to know that the permeability of this material is not more than 0.0004cm3 per day, under pressure of 0.21bar and at temperature of 23C and 50% humidity. Simply, our capsules taste always fresh!