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Chemex CM-6A

Don´t get confused by the name that evokes a brand of agricultural fertilizers rather than an elegant and famous coffee brewing device invented by the excentric Peter Schlumbohm.

Chemex CM-6A

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EAN 0028068001012
Manufacturer Chemex (USA)
Material Sklo
Volume 800 ml (30 oz)
Dimensions 220 mm (v)

Born in lab

If you did not have a chance to see this brewing device before and assume its origins in chemistry, you are absolutely correct. Chemex is in fact a modified Erlenmeyer flask made of borosilicate glass into the shape of hourglass. The glass device further includes a polished wood collar with leather tie to allow for better grasp.

Acclaimed design

Within three years after its launch, Chemex won a spot in the prestigious collection of modern design MOMA as well as a feature in Times Magazine. At that time, such a quick recognition was surprising because of the dominant position of percolators within the american middle-class. One of the reason for its popularity was the simplicity to prepare a cup of good coffee. Dr. Schlumbohm was once quoted as saying, "With the Chemex, even a moron can make good coffee."

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