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So simple and always consistent. This is a new method of brewing coffee - Tricolate. Very soon we will see this perfect device in every home. No more tricky pouring, no more difficult stirring. We gave it a new name - Chytráček 2.0


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1 400 Kč
Manufacturer Floe Coffee (Austrálie)
Material Tritan® plastic
Volume approx 500 ml
Color Transparent, turquoise, pink

Clever Dripper 2.0

Clever Dripper was a clever device, but Tricolate is even smarter! There is no way you could spoil your brews at hom with this one. Triocolate gives you full and perfect extraction. You don´t need to time it. You just grind your coffee and pour hot water over it. And while it is brewing you can make yourself delicious breakfast. The result is always a fantastic cup of coffee,

The package contains

Tricolate coffee brewer
100 filters
Brewer case

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Fellow Ode Brew Grinder gen 2
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Simple as it gets

Place a paper filter against the bottom, rinse with hot water, place your fine ground coffee inside. Pour right amount of water for blooming over the distributing shower. Don´t worry about the exact temperature of water. Right after boiling is the best. Dont worry about the way you pour it or the time of extraction.

With Tricolate you get higher extraction which allows you to use less coffee. We like 18g of coffee to 360g of water.

Kamila won Brewers Cup 2023

Our barista Kamila Chobotová won the Czech championship in the preparation of brewed coffee, where she used Tricolate.

Even extraction

Tricolate is a cylindr with the 80mm diameter which means that no water can pass throught the bottom wihout first passing the coffee bed. There won´t be any bypass. The dispersion screen you put on the top distributes poured water. You can use any kettle you find at home. No goose neck needed.

Tritan® plastic

The most stable when it comes to temperature from all materilas is plastic. Tricolate is made of Tritan® plastic. It doesnt contain any of BPA, PBS or any other bisfnols.

Paper filters

Tricolate filters
Tricolate filters
390 Kč

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