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Grinder TIMEMORE Chestnut C3 PRO

Chestnut C3 Pro is the successor to the popular models of Timemore hand grinders. It excels in grinding quality, precise grind setting, comfortable grinding and, last but not least, elegant design. Thanks to the folding handle, it is also an ideal travel companion.

Grinder TIMEMORE Chestnut C3 PRO

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3 100 Kč
Manufacturer Timemore
Color Black
Dimensions 14,7 x 5,2
Mlecí kameny 38 mm steel conical

The heart of the grinder are steel 38mm conical burrs with Spike to Cut (S2C) technology, which ensure a very consistent grinding quality. Grind size is adjusted using small steps. The settings for brewed coffee is between 13 and 17 clicks. The grinder holds approximately 25 g of coffee, which is easily enough for almost half a liter of coffee.


The C3 Pro offers a compact and elegant design. Thanks to the new folding handle system, it becomes a great travel companion. The aluminum alloy body ensures durability and lightness at the same time, while the stainless steel handle provides comfortable and long-lasting use. Grinding is very convenient thanks to the attachment of the axis in 2 bearings and the rough structure of the surface of the grinder body

Package Contents

Grinder Chestnut C3 PRO
Canvas bag
Cleaning brush

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The Timemore company has established itself in the coffee world as a manufacturer of quality equipment with an emphasis on design and continuous development.

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