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Latte Art

Introduction into the milk free pouring. We can teach you how to make a heart, tulip or rosetta. We will show you different ways of milk steaming, pouring and finishing your patterns off. We will work with regular and alternativ plant milks.

Latte Art

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3 500 Kč
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Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for beginners and enthusiasts of milky beverages. We welcome all students of Home espresso course or Barista course for beginners in our course. We can help you to improve your milk steaming skills. However, you do need to know already the basics of how to prepare an espresso and how to steam milk.

What can you learn with us?

You will learn how to steam a perfect microfoam from different types of milk and to draw basic patterns like heart, tulip or rosetta.


We fololow up to date COVID-19 restrictions in our premises.
Who does teach the latte art course?
You will be tought by our two coffee trainers, Tereza Balá and Kateřina Myšková. Both are very experienced from behind the coffee bar but also from the competition stages. On the top of it Tereza is SCA certified trainer. You are in good hands, beleive us!
What machines are used in the course?
You will work with technologies of professionals:
  • 4x Nouva Simonelli a Quality Espresso coffee machine
  • 8x Anfim espresso grinder
  • VST Extract Mojo refractometer
  • How long does the course take?
    3 hours top.
    How many people can attend?
    The maximum attendance is 8 people, minimum is 4 people.
    Where does the course take place?

    Training centre doubleshot

    Křižíkova 105, Praha 8 - Karlín (mapa)

    Cancellation policy
    It is possible to cancel your attendance in a writting form(emailem) minimum 7 and more days before the start of the course (the latest - 8th day before the day of the course). You can reschedule for another date or get your money back. In the case of No Show or cancelling your attendance too late (1st-7th day before the day of the course) we will charge you the full price.

    Latte art course as a gift?

    Give a gift voucher with an open date. We email the PDF voucher right away.
    Give a gift voucher with an open date. We email the PDF voucher right away.

    In the case of further quiestions please call +420 314 004 550 or email

    It is not possbile to pay cash on your arrival to the course or paying cash on delivery. Please pay with your credit card, PayPal or via bank trasnfer

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