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Morning Water Filter

The Morning Water Filter is the perfect hassle-free accompaniment to the Morning Machine. It effectively filters out impurities and produces softer water that yields better-extracted and more flavourful coffee.

Morning Water Filter

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645 Kč
Manufacturer Morning
Volume Capacity 100 l

Three stage filtration

  • Stainless Steel
  • Ion-exchange Resin
  • Coconut Shell-activated Carbon

Reducing Chlorine by up to 75% and resulting in softer water, optimised for coffee brewing and better flavour extraction.

Better water in 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Remove filter from packaging and set the date to 6 months from now. Step 2: Remove and fill the tank with water. Submerge the filter in water for about ten seconds. Tilt it to expel unwanted trapped air. Step 3: Fix the filter to the base of the water tank. A click should indicate the filter is in place. Step 4: Close the tank lid and place it on your Morning Machine. Step 5: Press and hold the NEXT Button on the machine to activate Hot Water Bypass. Complete 2 full flushes of the water tank and it's ready to use!

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