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Terroir Book

The book Terroir, created by Barista Hustle, explores how terroir influences the success or failure of a coffee harvest, affecting the flavor profile of the beans. Along with captivating photography, the book includes insightful interviews with industry experts like Tim Wendelboe and Graciano Cruz.

Terroir Book

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Autor Jem Challender / Barista Hustle Education
ISBN 9780646865867
Rok vydání 2023


Coffee from Seed to Harvest

We begin our journey in the Continent of Africa, exploring the coffee plant’s physiology and the importance of its environment. Tracing the origins of arabica coffee back to the wild trees of the Ethiopian highlands and cloud forests.

Great coffee is the result of a plant’s genotype and the terroir that surrounds it. The environmental factors of climate and soil, combined with farming techniques, create the specific environment, or terroir, of a farm. Some of the environmental factors that affect a coffee plant in its lifetime, such as the elevation at which it grows, are impossible to alter. Others, such as soil nutrition, can be altered, but often only with vast capital expenditure.

To get a clearer picture of the finances of farm management and how aspects of terroir can affect a plant’s shape, size, and other characteristics, we interviewed a range of scientists, agronomists, and green buyers. This book explores how terroir determines the character of a coffee and the success of a crop. It offers an overview of the factors you can control and the steps you can take to support a sustainable coffee crop and produce a great-tasting cup.

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